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So much for stories about whether a Mormon can be elected president

Mitt Romney is out. Read more here….

No faithtalk in New Hampshire

I’ve read the texts of the post-primary speeches in New Hampshire by Clinton, Obama, Huckabee, Edwards and McCain. And even if I used an electron microscope, I don’t think I could have found a hint of explicit religious content. Or…

In case anyone is curious who the ‘religion swiftboating’ attack was about

I posted a couple of days ago a bit from a news release from someone who thought “swiftboating” was a Good Thing. It turns out the attack was on Mitt Romney. Warmed over stuff about Mormon theology and the role…

Noah Feldman takes on Mormonism in the NYTimes magazine

Noah Feldman kills a lot of electrons in the NYTimes magazine in a look at Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith and its effect on politics. Here’s the link….

Mark DeMoss: Less talk about candidates’ faith, more about competence

Mark DeMoss is a born-again Christian, a Southern Baptist, the head of a large PR firm whose clients include many Christian organizations, and a former aide to Jerry Falwell. Among the presidential candidates, his faith background probably most closely resembles…

Historian Timothy Garton Ash cheap-shots MItt Romney and the LDS church in the Guardian

Timothy Garton Ash is a European studies professor at Oxford who felt moved to take a whack at American politics today. In the Guardian, he disses Mitt Romney and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A nugget: In…

Rod Dreher on the Mitt Romney Mormon issue

I meant to post this yesterday. Rod Dreher of the DMN’s editorial board had an interesting column on Sunday about Mitt Romney and the Mormon question. A nugget: There are plenty of good reasons for conservative Christians not to vote…

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