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Blank walls at Ford Field

There are no decorations on the walls behind the end zones at Ford Field, which will make it tough for the Cowboys to get revenge against star-bustin’ Mike Furrey with a touchdown celebration. Perhaps the Cowboys could get payback by…

T.O. no comments on Furrey’s star bustin’

JOHN F. RHODES / DMN T.O. is one of the all-time great touchdown celebrators, so I figured I’d ask him about Lions WR Mike Furrey’s star-bustin’ antics at Texas Stadium last season. “I didn’t pay any attention to it,”…

When did you embrace T.O.?

DMN FILE I know a lot of you folks are still heated about Lions WR Mike Furrey’s touchdown celebration at Texas Stadium last season. How dare a receiver disrespect the sacred Cowboys star!!! Of course, the Original 81’s Texas…

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