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And one ID shall rule them all (maybe)

Wouldn’t it be nice if — rather than having to remember dozens of different IDs and passwords — a single ID and password combo would securely power all the sites you use? Well, it appears that dream is moving slowly…

Microsoft service pack to speed up Vista

Ever since Microsoft released the Vista operating system last year, many users have complained that the massive program slows their computers down to a crawl. Such folks will be happy to hear the Microsoft just released the first Vista service…

Microsoft to speed its computer table to consumers

When Microsoft unveiled its computer-in-a-table last Spring, the company planned to roll units out to hotels and other businesses by the end of 2007. Consumers, however, would have to wait at least 5 years for in-home models of the…

Mark Cuban says Yahoo should sell to Microsoft

This isn’t really a gadget post, but anyone in the Dallas area who cares about technology probably knows who Mark Cuban is and is interested in his tech thoughts. Over the weekend, he wrote a post on his blog encouraging…

AOL to kill Netscape Navigator

AOL has announced that it will stop updating Netscape Navigator, the browser that first brought the commercial Internet to the masses in 1994. Netscape, which once commanded more than 90 percent of the browser market, has fallen below 1 percent,…

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