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Some consolation for the Cowboys?

Superstar columnist Tim Cowlishaw writes that the Cowboys must be kicking themselves after watching the Giants win the Super Bowl. As Wade Phillips infamously noted the morning after the Cowboys’ playoff loss, the Giants only won that game on the…

Strahan talks trash to Bradshaw

You’ve got to love Michael Strahan. Terry Bradshaw asked him a softball question during the trophy presentation, and the Giants’ gap-toothed defensive end swung right for Bradshaw’s big mouth. “You know what? We watch a lot of TV. We have…

Strahan: Patrick who?

A spy at the Super Bowl informs me that Michael Strahan was talking about how irrelevent pregame trash talking is come kickoff when he was asked about Patrick Crayton. “Man, I don’t even know who Patrick Crayton is,” Strahan said….

5 Big Ones: Colombo vs. Strahan

Cowboys RT Marc Colombo vs. Giants LDE Michael Strahan While the matchup of Flozell Adams vs. Osi Umenyiora’s also important, this one’s bigger because it will be important in both the running and passing game. Strahan’s been an absolute beast…

Strahan digs Jessica

Talk about a blind-side hit … Giants defensive end Michael Strahan says he wouldn’t mind dating Jessica Simpson. Watch your back, Tony. Also, Osi Umenyiora is talking trash….

Strahan compares T.O. to Michael Jackson!!!

Our own David Moore passed along some thoughts from the Giants from Jersey. And they aren’t buying the idea that WR Terrell Owens isn’t playing Sunday. Not for one, stinkin’ second. But they are poking fun at a certain healing…

Temper, temper

Seeing as how Cowboys Blog was pretty complimentary of Michael Strahan today, it seemed like the time was right for a “Best of …” post. The only question This Blog had: What can we add to a Hall of…

Giants prove respectful

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anything close to what Osi Umenyiora said in November came out of the Giants locker room this afternoon. Here’s a sampling of what the Giants had to say about playing the Cowboys for a third…

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