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Macworld: Quicken overhaul

Photos: AppleInsider Another exciting product unveiled at this year’s Macworld was the new version of Quicken for Mac, which is so different from its predecessors that developer Intuit plans to rename it “Quicken Financial Life for Mac.” Anyone who…

Macworld: Better voice recognition

Though I generally prefer the Mac I use at home to the PC I use at work, I must admit that Mac forces me to forgo a lot of cool software applications. This was particularly true of voice-recognition programs. PC…

I don’t hate Macs. I just didn’t like the keynote.

In the post below where I noted my underwhelmed reaction to Steve Jobs’ keynote on Tuesday, there was some speculation in the comments section that I’m a Mac hater. Well, no. Here are my Apple bonafides: I own an iPod…

Steve in 60 seconds

Curious to see the Steve Jobs speech from Macworld but hesitant to commit 90 minutes. Here are the main points, boiled down to 60 seconds. Highly recommended. From Mahalo, via TechCrunch….

Macworld keynote photo slideshow

There’s a cool photo slideshow up on right now of Jobs’s keynote. I really like the above shot. While we all joke about the cult of Apple, the company really does have genuine fans who follow the company…

Apple TV should have been better

Yes, it’s a huge upgrade. Apple TV will soon offer movie rentals, photo sharing and high definition. It also operates independent of any computer. Heck, Apple even provided the upgrade free to existing customers, which was unusually generous for…

Apple stock down almost 7 percent today

Apparently I wasn’t the only one unimpressed by the keynote….

Macworld keynote a bit underwhelming

Granted, there was some cool stuff. But Time Capsule didn’t do much for me, and while some of the features in the iPhone update are neat (especially the location tracking), I think we were all secretly hoping for the unveiling…

Steve Jobs keynote leaked?

A document said to be a draft outline of the speech Steve Jobs will deliver Tuesday at Macworld is making its way around the Internet. Check here for the full text. I really hope this is just a hoax, not…

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