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Should all cheaters be stripped of championships?

A lot of folks are fired up about this whole Spygate ordeal. Heck, a member of Congress even wants to chat about it in what couldn’t possibly be a shameless publicity stunt. It really is a shame that a proven…

Are these Pats best in NFL history?

New England can stake its claim to that title by completing the first 19-0 season in NFL history with a Super Bowl win. But Foxsports.com John Czarnecki isn’t buying it. He ranks the ’07 Pats third, behind the 1984 49ers…

Don’t take the Tuna’s calls, Jerry!!!

The Dolphins have declared that they are willing to deal the No. 1 overall pick. “We’re open for business,” new Miami GM Jeff Ireland said. Cowboy fans, cross your fingers that Jerry doesn’t let his lust for Arkansas RB Darren…

Jimmy doesn’t mind Mexico vacation

Jimmy Johnson, who wasn’t shy about criticizing the “relaxed-type atmosphere” at Valley Ranch, said Tony Romo taking part in the Simpson Family Bye Week Fiesta is no big deal. From Barry Horn’s Hot Air: Would you have minded if your…

Pledge will be put to test

Wade Phillips has a rep as the ultimate players’ coach, but he put his foot down after the Cowboys picked up three post-play personal fouls in their last game against the Giants. You can snicker at the Pee Wee-type pledge…

Wade not worried about job security

It sounds crazy to question a coach’s job security after he went 13-3 and earned the NFC’s top seed in his first season with a team. But that’s exactly what happened this afternoon with Wade Phillips. And it’s a legit…

Cowboys-Lions Flashback: Playoff pounding

The hot-shot young Cowboys, fresh off the first playoff win in the Jimmy and Jerry era, traveled to Detroit in the first week of 1992 and got their butts kicked. The 38-6 loss to the Lions is the worst beating…

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