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Capers could push out Stewart

Calvin Watkins reports that multiple sources said the Cowboys have offered Dom Capers a job as the defensive coordinator or a defensive consultant. Considering the fact that the Cowboys already have a defensive coordinator, it’s sort of a sticky situation….

Watch out!!! Jerry’s going wild!!!

Superstar columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor sees the writing on the wall for Wade Phillips, and it scares the bejeezus out of him. No matter what happens from here on out, Jerry has usurped Phillips’ power and authority by creating the perception…

Garrett’s staff shaping up nicely

So much for the Tuna’s raid of Valley Ranch giving Wade Phillips an opportunity to hire “his guys.” If Jerry guy Dave Campo and Dom Capers round out the Cowboys’ coaching staff, Phillips will have exactly zero experience working with…

The next Cowboys’ coach?

I think we all believe Jason Garrett will be the Cowboys’ head coach at some point. With the Rooney Rule, I was wondering if the Cowboys could name Garrett their coach without interviewing a minority. According to the league, yes,…

Romo’s thumb must be feeling OK

Word was that Tony Romo reinjured his thumb early in the Cowboys’ loss to the Giants, but it apparently has already healed. Jason Garrett said he had a nice chit-chat with Romo today after deciding to stick around Valley Ranch….

Garrett probably didn’t mean it that way

“I’m awfully excited to be sitting in this chair,” Jason Garrett said early in his press conference. Which chair was he sitting in? The same one Wade Phillips does during his daily chats with the Valley Ranch media horde. I’m…

Assessing the staff

With the news that Jason Garrett will return as offensive coordinator for the 2008 season, the Cowboys coaching staff dodged a major bullet. Had Garrett bolted, Phillips might just be looking at replacing a coordinator, an assistant head coach and…

Troy Aikman on Jason Garrett, maybe you’ve heard

On Fox’s conference call to hype Sunday’s NFC Championship Game that will not include the Cowboys, Troy Aikman said this in passing: “Jerry [Jones] wanted to hire Jason as offensive coordinator my last season. He would have been offensive coordinator/backup…

A coordinator who could keep T.O. happy

Jason Garrett and Tony Sparano aren’t gone yet, but odds are they’ll be head coaches elsewhere by the end of the week. Albert “Einstein” Breer mentioned potential candidates to become the Cowboys’ next offensive play-caller. Receivers coach Ray Sherman should…

Report: Ravens offer job to Garrett is reporting that the Baltimore Ravens have offered Jason Garrett their head coaching job….

Garrett to visit with Ravens again

Todd Archer reports that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is returning to Baltimore tonight for a second interview with the Ravens….

Cowboys pulling out all the tricks

I’ve long been lobbying for the Cowboys to get the ball in Leonard “Bigg” Davis’ hands, so I was thrilled to see the Tony Sparano putting the offensive linemen through passing lines during today’s practice. After some investigative reporting, I…

Jerry: Wade’s job not on the line

Wade Phillips found himself in the strange situation of answering questions about his job security while preparing his 13-3 team for a playoff game. Jerry Jones made it clear during a press conference at Valley Ranch today that speculation of…

Wade not worried about job security

It sounds crazy to question a coach’s job security after he went 13-3 and earned the NFC’s top seed in his first season with a team. But that’s exactly what happened this afternoon with Wade Phillips. And it’s a legit…

What’s the right job?

Jason Garrett is the hot name when it comes to coaching searches. Atlanta has asked to speak with him and Baltimore could be considering that possibility too, however, the Ravens have not official put in a request yet. I spoke…

Statistical proof Wade should get more credit

I’ve made it clear that I don’t think Wade Phillips gets enough credit for the Cowboys’ improvement this season. That’s partially because offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is seen as a rising star. I’m not slighting Garrett’s genius, but I think…

Coverboys could have helped

Julius Jones and Marion “The Barbarian” Barber shared the cover of today’s game program. Jason Garrett apparently didn’t get a copy, because he forgot all about the running backs. Maybe the Cowboys simply didn’t have any confidence in Jones, who…

Let Wade go to keep Garrett?

From a Chicago Tribune column on NFL coaching candidates: •Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.He has a great pedigree. He comes from a football family, has a Princeton education, was an NFL backup quarterback for 11 years, played for Jimmy Johnson,…

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