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Ebby Halliday backs Farmers Branch’s Tim O’Hare

This just in from Stephanie Sandoval, who has covered every aspect of the immigration issue in Farmers Branch: Legendary businesswoman and philanthropist Ebby Halliday is throwing her support behind Farmers Branch mayoral candidate Tim O’Hare, the man who thrust the…

No tears for apartment owners

My feelings run a lot of different directions in this Farmers Branch saga, but I can’t work up too much sympathy for the apartment-owners association. It contends that background checks on the citizenship of applicants will chase off too many…

The common-sense majority on immigration

Our op-ed page today features a good column pointing out that a noisy minority of hardliners is killing practical, common-sense solutions to our immigration problem. Polls show a sizable majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents do not support mass deportation…

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