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Garrett’s staff shaping up nicely

So much for the Tuna’s raid of Valley Ranch giving Wade Phillips an opportunity to hire “his guys.” If Jerry guy Dave Campo and Dom Capers round out the Cowboys’ coaching staff, Phillips will have exactly zero experience working with…

Houck ushered in

When you get a new job, it’s usually a good idea to build a strong relationship with your boss. Let’s say that Cowboys offensive line coach Hudson Houck didn’t get himself off to a bad start. “Quite honestly, the thing…

Checking out Houck

As Calvin had it earlier, the well-respected Hudson Houck is ready to replace Tony Sparano as offensive line coach, ending a retirement that lasted all of a couple weeks. Maybe it was returning to the place of Houck’s greatest glory…

Houck coming back to Cowboys?

Wade Phillips, who briefly chatted with a handful of reporters after Jason Garrett’s press conference, mentioned that the Cowboys should be hiring an offensive line coach “pretty quickly.” Will it be Hudson Houck? “I don’t want to spill the beans,”…

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