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Why buy a high definition television…

… if you’re not going to watch HD programming? I was at a barbecue restaurant on Sunday, and the facility had laid out the cash for what looked like a 50-inch plasma hung on the wall, tuned to ESPN. Not,…

Consumer Reports: The best HDTVs

The March issue of Consumer Reports contains a comprehensive rundown of 101 LCD, plasma and rear projection sets of varying sizes. The tally is far too big to publish here (and is only available in the paper magazine), but I…

HD DVD price cuts: survival ploy or fire sale?

Toshiba has made the Christmas deals permanent on HD DVDs. The MSRP of the entry-level HD-A3 is now $150. The high-end HD-A35 is $300. Expect e-tailors to get final prices considerably lower. Amazon is already selling the two models for…

What do you do with a 150-inch television? Build a theater.

Panasonic’s new 150-inch plasma behemoth unveiled this week at CES is interesting for more than just its sheer girth. What I find fascinating is the ultra-sharp resolution of the display: 4096×2160. As Panasonic notes on its Web site, that’s…

Hear Victor talk about HD video site on NPR

NPR invited me on the radio this past Sunday to talk about any cool Web sites I like that are still fairly unknown, and I opted to discuss The site is basically the high definition version of YouTube….

UPDATE: Toshiba HD-DVD review

In my review of Toshiba’s HD-A30 HD-DVD player a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that the unit I was testing kept freezing up on various discs and spitting out incomprehensible error messages. So Toshiba sent me another HD-A30 to…

HD-DVD/Blu-ray war to end in stalemate? I’m not so sure.

The New York Times (via CNet) weighs in on the battle for next-gen DVD format supremacy. While both HD-DVD and Blu-ray backers have their sales figures and consumer preference surveys that they tout as proof of their technology’s dominance, the…

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