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Lost in translation?

There was no T.O. during the portion of practice the media is allowed to watch. This could mean one of many things: 1) T.O. fibbed to TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz, a YouTube sensation who just happened to be Miss…

Shhh!! Don’t tell Giants that T.O.’s gonna play

Wade Phillips played a fun little game with the media today called Fibbing About T.O.’s High Ankle Sprain. Phillips first said that T.O. didn’t practice. He backpedaled a bit when informed that several players mentioned that T.O. did participate in…

T.O. almost ready to go

T.O. skipped his Wednesday chat with the media for the second consecutive week, but word is his ankle is healing as quickly as the Cowboys hoped. He put his left shoe on today for the first time since suffering the…

Romo expects T.O. to be ready for playoffs

Wade Phillips wouldn’t go so far as to say he was confident that T.O. could play in the Cowboys’ first playoff game. Tony Romo did so without hesitation. “I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t back,” Romo said. “There’s a…

Dr. Wade ‘hopeful’ T.O. will be OK for playoffs

T.O.’s high ankle sprain will sideline him this weekend in Washington. Everything after that is to be determined. The best-case scenario is that T.O. is ready to go for the divisional game on Jan. 12 or 13. He’ll surely crank…

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