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Samsung on future TVs

They’ll mostly be 80 inches and larger, play 3-D video at several times higher definition than today’s HDTVs and get video through the Internet, according to a report in EE Times. One problem: the new devices will either require much…

CES: Two TV demos

Two TV makers, Mitsubishi and Pioneer, have both unveiled hotly anticipated prototype TVs at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Mitsubishi uses a completely new technology, a laser light supply, and says its new TVs will be out this year. Pioneer…

Flat panel HDTV prices to drop 15.6 percent in 2008

Panasonic displays it’s 150 inch HD plasma, which it says it is the world’s largest, at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. (AFP/Getty Images) I’m surprised there’s still this much fat left to trim off flat panel prices, but market…

CES: Web enabled HDTVs

Photo: Samsung Most of the big TV makers unveiled this year’s line-up of HDTVs today. Aside from obvious improvements — more contrast, faster response time, thinner bodies — many of the new sets will come with something far more…

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