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Giants personnel breakdown

We’re gonna get started here with the final breakdown of the year (and know this – it’s kinda frustrating that I have half the Packer-Seahawk game done, and nothing to do with it, so if I’m bitter … enough of…

Strahan compares T.O. to Michael Jackson!!!

Our own David Moore passed along some thoughts from the Giants from Jersey. And they aren’t buying the idea that WR Terrell Owens isn’t playing Sunday. Not for one, stinkin’ second. But they are poking fun at a certain healing…

Dallas Stars

Now, here’s a column out of the big city that Timmy Tabloid can really wrap his arms around. Newsday’s Shaun Powell writes that the Giants are no match for the Cowboys in star power, and invokes the name of Abby…

Giants aren’t fooled

The jig is up, Wade. No matter how hard you sell the idea that Terrell Owens’ status is up in the air Sunday, you won’t find buyers in Giants Land. And it’s not just the players shooting off at the…

Patriots-Giants makes network cut

The NFL Network will share Saturday night’s Patriots-Giants game with CBS and NBC. The game will be simulcast on all three networks. All of America will have access to a game that had been the exclusive property of the cable-challenged…

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