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Pats go up; records go down

How in tarnations did the Giants let Randy Moss run free behind the secondary?! Not sure, but the bomb broke a couple major NFL records. It was Tom Brady’s 50th TD pass and Moss’ 23rd TD catch. Bye-bye, Peyton Manning…

Who’s rooting for the Giants?!

I’d kind of like to see the Patriots go undefeated. Would make the AFC playoffs that much more interesting. But the Giants, after talking jibberish about resting their stars all week, aren’t cooperating. New York’s up 21-16 early in the…

Move over, ’98 Vikings

Fitting that the Patriots broke the NFL’s scoring record on a TD catch by Randy Moss, since he starred on the 1998 Vikings squad that held the record. That’s his 22nd TD catch of the season, tying Jerry Rice’s record….

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