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More good news for flash memory

On the same day that InfoWorld reported that the price of “4Gb SLC (single-level cell) NAND flash memory chips has fallen 73 percent since mid-August to $4.96 late Thursday,” Intel and Micron Technologies announced that they’d developed a second generation…

CES: The 72 GB laptop flash drive

Speaking of SanDisk and flash memory, the company also used CES to launch it largest-ever flash memory drive for laptops. At 72 GB, it’s probably not big enough for many computer makers to ditch traditional spinning drives. The price of…

CES: The 32 GB portable flash drive

Observant readers probably realize that CES ended Thursday, but there’s plenty of extra news to report from the show. SanDisk, which makes both flash memory and portable music players, introduced one player with 32 GB of flash storage for $349….

What do you do with a huge Flash drive?

So I was surfing through Engadget when I saw this notice of two 32-gigabyte thumb drives from Corsair. My initial reaction was, of course, “Me want!” But then I started wondering what, exactly, I’d do with a huge Flash…

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