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Emmitt “Word” Smith’s greatest hits

Thanks to Awful Announcing for putting this Jimmy Kimmel bit on YouTube. It’s some highlights from Emmitt Smith’s first season as an ESPN analyst. If you don’t find this funny, you must really, really love Emmitt. It do be…

Emmitt knew this was possible

I must admit that I’m stunned that Eli Manning led the Giants to the Super Bowl. I should have listened to Emmitt Smith. “If they win today,” Emmitt told ESPN’s audience, “they could possibly go on to the Super…

Cowboys might as well forfeit

After reading Seth Wickersham’s nine reasons the Giants will win on ESPN.com, I really don’t see the point of the Cowboys even showing up Sunday. Except that any list that starts with “1. Eli Manning” is a wee bit suspect….

Romo lashes out at ESPN star

We’ll find out Sunday whether Tony Romo can shake off a late-season slump and get back into Pro Bowl form on the field. But there’s no doubt that his wit is as sharp as ever. ESPN star Ed Werder asked…

Report: Parcells could become Falcons’ boss

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Bill Parcells could become the Falcons’ vice president of football operations as soon as tomorrow. Atlanta owner Arthur Blank apparently has made an offer and is basically begging the Tuna to fix the mess that…

Keyshawn probably enjoyed watching this

Wonder whether ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson will take a shot at T.O. tomorrow night? For the second consecutive week, the Cowboys couldn’t figure out a way to get the ball to their best weapon. T.O. finished with two catches for 37…

Keyshawn’s response to T.O. really stinks

Give ESPN credit for showing great restraint with the T.O.-Keyshawn-Tuna love/hate triangle story. Our Disney pals didn’t even dedicate five full minutes of SportsCenter to this sensationalizable story. Keyshawn explained that he was just trying to give T.O. good…

T.O. vs. Keyshawn

Let me begin by thanking Albert “Einstein” Breer for stooping to my sensationalistic level while I was tied up with boring corporate stuff today. T.O. lashing out at Keyshawn Johnson is pure blog gold!! T.O. suggested that somebody compare his…

T.O. doesn’t give a flip about Skip

For the first time in my life, I watched a couple minutes of ESPN’s First Take. Oh, the things I do for this here blog. I TiVo’d the show and fast-forwarded to the T.O. interview, so I was spared any…

Fun with the assistant head coach’s name

ESPN ha-ha specialist Kenny Mayne noticed that Cowboys assistant head coach/OL coach Tony Sparano’s name sounds a lot like a TV mobster’s name and had some fun with it. I always thought The Sparanos would be a good nickname…

Can Wade get any credit?!

There’s a perception that Wade Phillips is a puppet for Jerry Jones that somehow lucked into a 12-1 record. Take, for instance, this jab written by Massachusetts native/ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons before the Cowboys’ win over the Lions: I’m just…

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