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Emmitt sets another record

Emmitt Smith sure is versatile. He’s the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, a Dancing With the Stars champion, a professional broadcaster and a record-setting dish washer. The folks at Awful Announcing, a blog that writes about Emmitt a lot, found…

The best in NFL history?

The fact that the Super Bowl is still hours away hasn’t stopped folks from debating whether these Patriots are the best team in NFL history. Hall of Fame scribe Rick “Goose” Gosselin weighed in, saying he’d rank the Pats third…

Super Bowl XXVII: Blowing out the Bills

Super Bowl XXVII (game story/highlights) was competitive for most of the first half before it turned into a big, old party for the Cowboys. Nine turnovers fueled a 52-17 blowout of the Bills. Troy Aikman put on a precision passing…

Emmitt “Word” Smith’s greatest hits

Thanks to Awful Announcing for putting this Jimmy Kimmel bit on YouTube. It’s some highlights from Emmitt Smith’s first season as an ESPN analyst. If you don’t find this funny, you must really, really love Emmitt. It do be…

Are these Pats best in NFL history?

New England can stake its claim to that title by completing the first 19-0 season in NFL history with a Super Bowl win. But John Czarnecki isn’t buying it. He ranks the ’07 Pats third, behind the 1984 49ers…

Emmitt knew this was possible

I must admit that I’m stunned that Eli Manning led the Giants to the Super Bowl. I should have listened to Emmitt Smith. “If they win today,” Emmitt told ESPN’s audience, “they could possibly go on to the Super…

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