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Report: Coach Williams joins Jaguars

Per Pro Football Talk, Jacksonville radio station 1010XL is reporting that Gregg Williams has agreed to become the Jaguars’ defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. The Cowboys are still waiting for Dom Capers to decide whether he wants to accept…

Why would Williams make sense?

After thinking about it for a little over a day, I still can’t figure out why the Cowboys would be interested in adding Gregg Williams to their coaching staff. Nothing against Williams, who is by all accounts an outstanding defensive…

Capers could push out Stewart

Calvin Watkins reports that multiple sources said the Cowboys have offered Dom Capers a job as the defensive coordinator or a defensive consultant. Considering the fact that the Cowboys already have a defensive coordinator, it’s sort of a sticky situation….

Garrett’s staff shaping up nicely

So much for the Tuna’s raid of Valley Ranch giving Wade Phillips an opportunity to hire “his guys.” If Jerry guy Dave Campo and Dom Capers round out the Cowboys’ coaching staff, Phillips will have exactly zero experience working with…

Dom Capers to interview

Calvin Watkins reports that former Houston Texans head coach Dom Capers will be interviewing today for the Cowboys’ linebackers coaching vacany. More to come … UPDATE (10:20 a.m.): Here’s a link to the story….

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