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Will Cowboys take shot at WR Roy Williams?

That was one of several Cowboys questions Hall of Fame scribe Rick “Goose” Gosselin answered during today’s chat. Rick Gosselin: The Cowboys would be doing their due diligence if they call the Lions. If Detroit wants to give away this…

What would you give up for Roy Williams?

I’m referring to the Roy Williams who plays receiver in Detroit. As noted by some of you folks in the comments, word out of Motown is that the Texas-ex might be on the trading block. I believe Williams is going…

Another disastrous December?

The Cowboys went from Super Bowl contenders to sputtering into the playoffs by losing three of their last four regular-season games last year. This December is off to a pretty sorry start, too. The Cowboys led for all of 18…

Cowboys 11, Lions 0

Every SportsDay staffer predicted a double-digit win for the Cowboys today. Average margin of victory: 19.1 points, with superstar columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor expecting the biggest blowout (41-9). We’ll get no argument from the Detroit Free Press scribes who have chronicled…

Cowboys-Lions Flashback: Playoff pounding

The hot-shot young Cowboys, fresh off the first playoff win in the Jimmy and Jerry era, traveled to Detroit in the first week of 1992 and got their butts kicked. The 38-6 loss to the Lions is the worst beating…

Cowboys should win

This is a test. Cowboys should win….

Lions’ Roy Williams won’t play

The Detroit News reports that Lions WR Roy Williams won’t play against the Cowboys and will probably miss the rest of the regular season. Williams is the Lions’ best receiver, but Jon Kitna has other quality targets. I shouldn’t have…

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