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Herschel Walker’s revelation

So, for those of you who thought you knew Herschel Walker, the former football great, guess again. Herschel has a new book coming out in which the ex-Dallas Cowboy running back will reveal that he has multiple personalities. The book,…

I still love the Dallas Cowboys

Say all you want about next year’s playoff winner and perhaps next year’s champion. I know they let all of us diehard fans down on Sunday. But they also gave us one thrill of a ride this year. And for…

No joy tonight

There are many more important reasons that this is a sad moment, but I really, really wanted to have those cheeseheads back in town….

Monkeys in the news

Don’t know where you dudes will be tomorrow morning, but I’ll be glued to the radio from 8 to 9 a.m.: WBAP-AM’s Hal Jay and Mark Davis have promised to host a live monkey in-studio. Said monkey (a female) will…

Big Ed to Jessica: Stay home

Steve and Steve, I think we can agree Jessica would be a distraction to Tony, bad clothes or not. (He probably doesn’t notice them). If I were Tony, I might struggle with my priorites too. But as a fan, I…

Jessica a no-show at Texas Stadium?

Ed, this should make your feel better. According to our Cowboys blog, Jessica has better things to do than be at Texas Stadium on Sunday. And frankly, Ed, I think your priorities are messed up….

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