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On the precise etymology of ‘Catch-22’

Jeff invokes the famous title below, in a post about Chelsea Clinton. He has it almost right, which is normally plenty good for me, but since Catch-22 is one of my favorite novels ever, I’m a stickler. The World War…

On the crudity of language, Chelsea Clinton, and Catch-22

The moral impact of language on society is an ever-ongoing and valid issue for discussion. Is the current political kerfuffle about an MSNBC newscaster who said the Clinton campaign was “pimping” daughter Chelsea by having her make fundraising calls a…

One more way to pre-slice Super Tuesday: How will religious Democrats vote?

Michael Sean Winters, writing on the blog of America magazine, says religious voters could aid Barack Obama in the Super Tuesday showdowns. Much was made of the racial breakdown of the Democratic vote in the South Carolina primary, where Barack…

Are evangelicals the last group it’s OK to mock?

Liberals at a cocktail party in New York or Los Angeles wouldn’t dare ridicule Barack Obama’s race or Hillary Clinton’s gender, but “it would be easy to get away with deriding Mike Huckabee’s religious faith,” writes Nicholas D. Kristoff of…

Wow. Black voters don’t all think alike. Imagine that.

Here’s a story from The New York Times about how Southern black voters are divided in their loyalties. The headline: Southern Blacks Are Split on Clinton vs. Obama The story includes this sentence: If any election can prove that Southern…

What was missing from the Iowa victory speeches: Any godtalk

Mulling over the interesting results from the Iowa caucuses. I’ll leave the pure political analysis for them who who gets paid for it. (Though I’ll note that only two kinds of journalists don’t suffer for being wrong: political pundits and…

On the shifting values barometer of American voters

I’ve got a piece running today. The top: A quick-fading political storm over Barack Obama’s teen drug use shows how some issues that once would have torpedoed a candidate have lost their pop. Traits that a decade or a generation…

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