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CES: Fireproof, waterproof hard drive

Photo: SentrySafe Backing up your data on an ordinary hard drive will protect you against computer failure, but what about fire? Well, you could back up your data online, but you might also consider an option that SentrySafe exhibited…

CES: The 72 GB laptop flash drive

Speaking of SanDisk and flash memory, the company also used CES to launch it largest-ever flash memory drive for laptops. At 72 GB, it’s probably not big enough for many computer makers to ditch traditional spinning drives. The price of…

CES: The 32 GB portable flash drive

Observant readers probably realize that CES ended Thursday, but there’s plenty of extra news to report from the show. SanDisk, which makes both flash memory and portable music players, introduced one player with 32 GB of flash storage for $349….

CES: The man with the TV shirt

No, it was not a shirt that advertised some sort of television; it was a shirt with a hole that exposed a working flat panel the size of a copy of Reader’s Digest. I was riding down an escalator. he…

CES: Even the hand driers are high tech

Photo: Dyson The men’s room near one of the press offices here contains this strange looking but rather wonderful device, which was designed by Dyson, the same English company that sells the expensive vacuum with the see-through canister. You…

CES: Fill up on ads

Photo: PumpTop TV If you thought advertisers couldn’t cram a single more pitch into your life, you were wrong. A service called PumpTop TV is preparing to launch a nationwide network of ad-laden video monitors at gas stations around…

CES: Why so few new phones?

My story today notes the almost total absence of new cellphones at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It may seem strange that the big handset makers would make so little news at the world’s biggest technology trade show, but there’s…

CES: Web enabled HDTVs

Photo: Samsung Most of the big TV makers unveiled this year’s line-up of HDTVs today. Aside from obvious improvements — more contrast, faster response time, thinner bodies — many of the new sets will come with something far more…

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