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Romo banned from chatting with Carrie?

There are tabloid reports, which may or may not be fictional, that Carrie Underwood is entering the Tony Romo romance picture again. A “source close to Jessica” whispers that Miss Simpson banned Romo from contacting his ex. I debated whether…

T.O. gives Jessica Simpson a thumbs down

The Cowboys are off Friday, but don’t expect to find T.O. checking out Blonde Ambition during its opening day in Texas theaters. He’s not joking when he says that Jessica Simpson is screwing up Tony Romo’s focus. “Right now, Jessica…

Carrie Underwood vs. Jessica Simpson’s Extra Mustard does a very in-depth breakdown of Tony Romo’s blonde beauties. Based purely on superficial qualities that you can see in a photograph, I believe Romo has upgraded since last season. I sure am feeling patriotic after checking…

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