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Witten finalist for NFL Man of the Year

Jason Witten might take a prestigious trophy home from the Super Bowl. He’s one of four finalists for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, which will be announced before kickoff of Super Bowl XLII. Witten is one of…

Is the media to blame?

I haven’t put on a helmet and shoulder pads since my senior year in high school, but I might be partially to blame for the Cowboys’ playoff loss if you follow Bradie James’ logic. From Calvin “Lucky” Watkins’ story: Inside…

Pledge will be put to test

Wade Phillips has a rep as the ultimate players’ coach, but he put his foot down after the Cowboys picked up three post-play personal fouls in their last game against the Giants. You can snicker at the Pee Wee-type pledge…

Not-so-bold talk by Bradie James

LB Bradie James got on a pretty good roll when asked about folks doubting the Cowboys after their mediocre December. He echoed Wade Phillips’ talk about a 13-3 record being evidence that this is a good team. And then he…

James didn’t practice what he preaches

Bradie James was all worked up about Jon Kitna “breaking the code” by singling him out in a January radio interview. Hall of Fame scribe Rick “Goose” Gosselin finds that funny. From this week’s From the 50: Himm… Isn’t this…

Cowboys didn’t quite prove Kitna wrong

LOUIS DeLUCA / DMN Jon Kitna apologized for “breaking the code” during his January chit-chat with a Seattle radio station, the highlights of which ended up on a Valley Ranch bulletin board. However, it’s not like Kitna has to…

James, Kitna squash beef

The drama between Jon Kitna and Bradie James had a happy ending. James refused to shake Kitna’s hand after the coin flip — Terence Newman gave the loudmouth Lions QB a manly hug — but they had a nice chit-chat…

Minor problem with James’ revenge plan

I didn’t want to bring this up all week, because I really enjoyed the whole Bradie James-Jon Kitna storyline. But James probably won’t get much of a chance to back up his words. Considering the fact that the Lions are…

Wade’s not worried about angry penalties

Bradie James and Terence Newman have let it be known that they’re seeking revenge against Jon Kitna. Newman even said that he had to cash to cover whatever fines come his way if he gets a shot at Kitna. But…

Golly gee, Kitna was just kidding!!

Jon Kitna explained to Detroit reporters that he really didn’t mean any harm when he ripped Bradie James, Terence Newman and the rest of the Cowboys’ defense after the Lions’ win last season. “That was something that unfortunately has been…

James can’t wait to see Kitna!!

LOUIS DeLUCA / DMN Wade Phillips said he doesn’t know whether bulletin-board material helps or not. “It’s up there, though,” Phillips said with a wry smile, referring to Jon Kitna mouthing off after the Lions’ win at Texas Stadium…

Grade A bulletin-board material, courtesy of Kitna

LOUIS DeLUCA / DMN Ain’t the Internet great? I found Jon Kitna’s interview with a Seattle radio station from January, days after he completely humilated the Cowboys’ defense by throwing four TD passes in the 3-13 Lions’ season-ending win….

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