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Should all cheaters be stripped of championships?

A lot of folks are fired up about this whole Spygate ordeal. Heck, a member of Congress even wants to chat about it in what couldn’t possibly be a shameless publicity stunt. It really is a shame that a proven…

Super props for Parcells

Superstar columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor, who was tough on the Tuna after he hung up his whistle at Valley Ranch, calls Bill Parcells one of the best at building NFL teams. He offers the pitting of Parcells disciples Bill Belichick and…

What did Wade do to this dude?!

Wade Phillips must have hawked a loogie in Massachusetts native Tom Curran’s clam chowdah or something. I can’t think of any other reason the scribe would take not one, not two, but three cheap shots at Phillips in Curran’s…

Massachusetts native mean to Phillips

Click here and scroll down a bit to read a rip job of Wade Phillips by’s Tom Curran. He heard Phillips’ Chicken Little talk on Monday and responds by calling him a Pollyanna. Curran compares Phillips’ “13-3” approach to…

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