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Baltimore’s Mad Mike moves on

Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston is banging the drum for the Ravens to hire Marty Schottenheimer. He makes a lot of good points about Schottenheimer’s fit in Baltimore but can’t resist landing a few more jabs at Garrett. Newsome has…

Can’t wait until the Ravens come to town!!

As fate would have it, the Ravens will make an appearance at Texas Stadium next season. You reckon the Ravens will be fired up to face a coach who spurned them? Ray Lewis will probably take Jason Garrett turning down…

What Garrett learned during coaching search

As you may have read below, Cowboys assistant head coach Jason Garrett’s press conference this afternoon dripped with gratitude directed to the Ravens and Falcons for interviewing him. And here’s where, I believe, smart people make gains. He may not…

Is Garrett ready to be a head coach?

Several scribes have speculated that Jason Garrett didn’t take the job in Baltimore because he doesn’t know whether he’s ready to be a head coach. I believe him that the present and future opportunities here (and Jerry’s present and future…

Did Garrett use the Ravens?

Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston, who seems mad about this whole thing, sure thinks so. From Preston’s latest blog post: Garrett got his money, but he basically looks like a fool around the league. All he had to do was…

Bitter in Baltimore

I’m afraid to read what Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston will write now that Jason Garrett has turned down the Ravens’ head coaching job to remain the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator. Here’s a sample of what Preston wrote yesterday, while Garrett…

Did Garrett make a mistake?

In the pages of today’s Baltimore Sun, columnist Mike Preston questions whether Jason Garrett really wants to become a head coach, based on his departure from Maryland yesterday. In there, Preston says the Ravens opening is “one of the most…

Report: Ravens offer job to Garrett

ESPN.com is reporting that the Baltimore Ravens have offered Jason Garrett their head coaching job….

Garrett to visit with Ravens again

Todd Archer reports that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is returning to Baltimore tonight for a second interview with the Ravens….

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