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Starbucks to offer AT&T; Wi-Fi, dumping T-Mobile

I don’t think this is any big surprise, given how Apple and Starbucks had already announced plans to let iPhone users purchase songs via Wi-Fi at Starbucks locations (and the iPhone, of course, officially works only on AT&T;’s network at…

Samsung on future TVs

They’ll mostly be 80 inches and larger, play 3-D video at several times higher definition than today’s HDTVs and get video through the Internet, according to a report in EE Times. One problem: the new devices will either require much…

AT&T; DSL price hikes: Cue the govt regulators

AT&T; is adding $5 to the price of its Basic, Express and Pro DSL service, which will now cost $20, $25 and $30, respectively. AT&T; justifies the move thus: Consumer broadband usage is exploding, driven by trends like video and…

Hello, AT&T; Smart Limits?

What’s the delay with AT&T; Smart Limits for its wireless phones? This is the service that was supposed to become available last September for parents who want to restrict their kids’ calls and text messages at certain times of day,…

AT&T; offers customers free Wi-Fi, faster Internet

Good news for AT&T; broadband Internet subscribers: 1. Nearly all customers will get free access to the company’s 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots starting next week. 2. AT&T; has upped the maximum speed of its top tier of service for U-verse subscribers:…

Smart phone battery life

Pantech/Samsung/Motorola A couple readers have chided me for not comparing the battery life of the three phones I reviewed in Friday’s paper, so I will do it now. The Pantec Duo claims 3 hours of talk time and 240…

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