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A $100 million cornerback?

Could Asante Samuel get a nine-digit deal? A couple of Samuel’s fellow Pro Bowlers think so, according to Yahoo.com’s Jason Cole. Under the terms of the one-year tender contract Samuel agreed to before last season, the Patriots can’t put the…

Good sign Hamlin’s sticking with Cowboys

The USA Today’s Pro Bowl notebook leads with an item on the cornerbacks chilling in Hawaii who are about to hit the open market. Ken Hamlin apparently doesn’t agree with Albert “Einstein” Breer’s take that the Cowboys shouldn’t sign one…

Will Cowboys make splash in free agency?

You can never rule out Jerry Jones hogging the off-season headlines, but there might not be a big-name fit for the Cowboys in this free-agent market. The Cowboys need another cornerback, and this is an outstanding free-agent cornerback class with…

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