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Townview jobs attract less experienced applicants, trustee says

About a month ago, DISD restored “principal” titles at Townview. The positions had been downgraded to “dean” and came with a lesser salary. Parents complained. The district listened and made the change, which mostly impacted two new employees that had…

DISD decides to move Skyline magnets

It’s late, but I thought I’d let everyone know to look for the story on Skyline High School tomorrow. It’s a short story (it’s a tight paper tomorrow), but in a nutshell, DISD chief administrative officer Donna Micheaux told several…

DISD exec involved with nepotism case speaks out

Patricia Viramontes, the wife of DISD chief Arnold Viramontes, is speaking out on the latest “issue” concerning her and her husband. But first, a little background on the couple: They first surfaced in The News when Mrs. Viramontes’ department was…

DISD union chief responds to Hinojosa’s banquet cuts

Read her comment here….

Former DISD spokesman re-emerges

Remember McKinney resident Celso Martinez? The former DISD spokesman who left his job last year because he didn’t want to abide by DISD’s residency policy and move into the district? Well, he’s started a public relations company in …. McKinney….

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