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May 09, 2007

May 9 – Almost done

By Robin Carter, 3TV

It’s been a great trip and we’re almost done!

Catching up – Spent the weekend working our way toward Window Rock. My wingman Chris and I stopped by Grand Canyon West to take a horseback ride from the Old West Town to the rim and it was gorgeous! Worth the rough road getting out there, for sure.

Spent Saturday night in Flagstaff and it was snowing when we arrived! SnowBowl was covered at the peak, but such unusual weather for May.

Window Rock: Beautiful. The Museum was interesting and the people were so welcoming. Careful on the drive though. The horses and cattle roam freely and we had to stop a few times to leet them cross the road. So cool! And it was very cool in the morning. Actually I would label it cold!

Pinetop: Oh my gosh! the Woodland Lake Park was so much fun. So many poeple came out to see us and I built the campfire and I even bought marshmallows for the talent to roast. that worked out well. Some of the wood I bought and some I collected since they had recently finished thinning the woods. It was very chilly in the morning and for our overnight setup the fire sure felt good!

The RV has performed well and was very easy to “dump.” I did that at Hondah Casino RV Park with a little help from my friend there.

Greer: The Lodge had a barbecue lunch set up for when we arrived and then I arranged for a trail ride for 4 of us at the Greer Stables. It started to POUR rain and I thought we might have to cancel, but it cleared for the ride. Right when we got in the car to go back to the Greer Lodge, it began a seond deluge. What timing. If you get the chance, definitely take the trail ride, though. It was fantastic!

It was 18 degrees in the morning, but the skies had cleared and it was a gorgeous morning. The scenery was incredible and we all enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the lodge very much. They even featured my fantastic room on the air. Want to go someplace fabulous? Go the Greer Lodge!

Now on to Safford. A long and pretty ride from Greer through the Salt River Canyon took us to this very historic town. Some of us enjoyed a great meal at the Manor House Rockin Saloon and then hit the hay for th next day’s show. The rest went to Arnold’s house for a home cooked Mexican dinner. Sorry to miss it, but 1:00 comes very early!

2 Shows left and I am looking forward to getting home Friday, much as I have enjoyed the trip. More soon!

Robin Fancher
RV Captain

Posted by Robin Fancher at May 9, 2007 06:44 PM

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