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HPD: Immigrants held hostage at motel

5:30 PM Thu, Apr 26, 2007 |
Michelle Homer

Immigration authorities were called a southeast Houston motel Thursday where several men claimed they were being held against their will.

Police were the first to answer the call for help from the Northline Motel in the 5600 block of Airline.

When they arrived, they found about 10 men being held in two rooms.

The immigrants told officers another man, armed with guns and knives, refused to let them leave.

ICE agents were called to the scene to help sort it all out.



Illegals are breaking the Law, when the do this any thing they get they deserve . They need to be deported quickly. or jailed with No release.

R.P. said:

I couldn’t agree more, Larry. These people are NOT crime victims, they are co-conspirators in a criminal enterprise. Unfortunately, they will be treated as innocent victims and will be allowed to stay in the U.S. so that they can testify against the very smugglers they hired to help them break the law. Of course, as soon as Bush and the Democrats (with the help of a sizable minority of big-business Republicans) enact their amnesty scheme, these criminals will be given permanent residency and eventual citizenship.

R.S. said:

You two call yourselves American? If it wasn’t for immigrants, illegal or legal, this country wouldn’t have anyone doing the work they do. I was born and raised here. My parents were immigrants and became citizens more than 10 years ago. They have taken care of, served, cleaned for American born citizens. All these people want is an opportunity to progress. To have money to provide for their families. They are human beings and no one has a right to enslave or mistreat them. If they’re deported, they’re deported. If they are allowed to stay in this country, I bet they will work harder than you two and for less. You wouldn’t have what you have, you wouldn’t live where you live or eat what you eat if it wasn’t for the millions of hard-working immigrants to this country.

R.P. said:

If we didn’t have 12 to 20 million illegal aliens, I really don’t think I’d starve to death or live in a cardboard box. After all, I don’t recall that happening to me back when the federal government made at least some effort to enforce the immigration laws. I do know that I would pay a lot less in taxes to care for them when they’re sick, educate their kids (en espanol, of course), and incarcerate them when they rape, rob or kill someone.

Anonymous said:

Can’t they just put’em in a storage box and send them home? Like one of those big things that hauls stuff, oooh, like a trailer! That’s the word I’m looking for.

R.P. said:

Actually, Anonymous, they will get a free chartered airline flight together with a bus voucher to take them all the way back to their hometown, all courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. But even though there is in-flight meal service and soft drinks are served, stingy old Uncle Sam won’t spring for first class. The horror!

Todd said:

Great, they get a free snack while I have to pay for the little lunches they serve us on the plane. If I find out they get a free beer, I’m going balistic.

Anonymous said:

“My parents were immigrants and became citizens more than 10 years ago”

they did it LEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!
it is the ILLEGALS that i have a problem with.
i dont like paying for them to live, eat, go to school, get medical aid, housing aid, foodstamps, and with a legalization, they will get social security. that is not right. i have to pay my way. they should too.

michael said:

How sad that supposed educated people still talk and act like R.P. and the brave Anonymous. This country was founded by illegal immigrants from other countries. Your ancestors were also illegal. Yet, how quick you are to forget that fact. You both write like one of the “good ole boys” we thought had disappeared from this area. Don’t forget your not exactly lily-white either.

Maria said:

After reading what most of you have written it is sick, we are all a like made from the same person, you can’t say who is free to live here or not. The Whites, Blacks, Asians and Hispanics or most of you say Mexicans have ever right to live where ever they like too. These people come to America and work for what you won’t, most of you want to make 15.00 an hour and up, I be most you didn’t even finish school, looking at the poll, not only are Mexicans as you put it are doing wrong, what about you whites and blacks and now even the asians, are killing each other or committing a robbery, so before you want to place judgement on the other race take a long good hard look at your own. My dad is white and was raised in Mexico and my mom is from here, you know Hispanic, my dad has made a name for him self, he put us through school and yes even college, by the way with my dad being from Mexico and white, he is illegal and after 75 yrs he still haven’t made himself legal.

R.P. said:

Actually, Michael, my ancestors came here LEGALLY, learned English (the ones who didn’t speak it already) and became AMERICANS. What is so wrong with asking new immigrants to do the same? Instead we see them marching down our streets, waving the flags of the filthy Third World cesspools that they themselves couldn’t stand to live in, DEMANDING that we change our laws and our country to accomodate them!!!!

As for Maria, your incoherent and nonsensical ramblings don’t deserve a response. You are a perfect example of what illegal immigration has done to our public schools.

Todd said:

My parents arrived while my mom was pregnant from Ireland. Legal? Yep. educated, degreed, and now retired. When this country was founded there were resources that far outweighed the population, and the economy was in it’s infancy. The current situation is completely different, leaving huge holes in your arguement. There you go Mike, talking out of your ass again, but not as painfull as Maria, who is clearly late for cleaning the fryer at Micky D’s.
Many years of hard work have made this country what it is. We don’t want to see it turned into the dunghole Mexico is. If Mexico is so impressive, why are so many Mexicans here? Make your own place great and you won’t have to try so hard to speak english. Or is that too hard? I get it, your place sucks, so coming here and sponging off America until it sucks too is the plan? I’m pretty sure thats what roaches do. I don’t see the hispanic side of town looking clean and well organised, it looks like Tiajuana. We don’t need that here!

bob said:

I think the main point, for me, is if they pay their way then let them. Anybody check how much your taxes have been raised for ESL programs? for medical bill since any illegal do not pay for services. Yes my wife is in the healthcare and now 22% of their budget pays their healthcare. Lets help Americans first. go to Mexico and ask them to teach your kids English and they say we speak Spanish. Get hurt on vacation and tell them you can not pay and see what happens–I broke my arm in Mexico and they check insurance first before they saw me plus I had to pay cash and file my own bill to reimburse.

Robert said:

I think that ya’ll are wrong because if it were happening to black people then there would be the NAACP, the Black Panthers, and whole lot of other ”humanitarian” agencies out there complaining that Black people are being persecuted but if its happening to someone else then ya’ll are quick to laugh about it and say they got what they deserved

no name said:

Why are all of you down on just Mexicans????. THey are of a Latin origin and that just doesn’t mean that they are just from Mexico…also Hondruas, Central America, and all those small cities…Remember you History. Also, you know what, at least I know where my ancestors came from and very proud of it. I am also very proud that I am not a half breed or mixed with any other breeds of nationality and think I am better than any one else. Remember God created us equal and we are all the same. Remember you can have all the money in the world and have all the material things in life but all these things don’t matter, it is who you are inside and they way he treat people is the same respect you will get in return and by the way some of these comments are written, I truly feel sorry for them and they are truly unhappy people because when someone has to put down other people they are truly unhappy themselves. Have a great day

Jon said:

Amnesty is deserved by these poor Tax paying illegals who can claim nothing in return since they don’t have legal documentation. Doesn’t that also mean they can’t receive welfare or anything else? WOW it seems like we’re robbing them blind. I’m pretty sure nobody was complaining, for us to be imrisoned with no release when we were MURDERING the real inhabitants of this country. The NATIVE AMERICANS. I hate hypocrisy. Wake up and smell the blood on the media’s corrupt way of distracting you from the real issues.

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