Guide to Finding the Perfect Lampshade for your home

The nature of the light in a room quite often determines your temperament and emotions. Bright white light means a happy or an energy-filled environment. A light blue or yellow light gives out a calm and relaxed feeling. Darkness in a room with individuals who are not sleeping resembles sadness and anxiety. The light influences the mood and temperament of the room. That’s why you must have the right nature, color, and shade of light in your place.

There are many ways to lighten up a room. However, lamps are an essential way of lighting a room. While lamps are crucial, lampshades are equally important. When you are planning to light up a room, choosing the perfect lampshade can be a confusing task.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while searching for the right lampshade— including the size of the lamp, shades of the wall, furniture, and more. If you are looking to find the right lampshade for your home, refer to this handy guide. While there is no fixed rule to select the perfect lampshade, there are a bunch of good principles which you can use to make your selection process easier. Here is a list of all the points worth considering while shopping for the perfect lamp shade for your home.

Size of the Lampshade 

There is no absolute rule for what proportion to the lamp should a lampshade be. What works for your lamp might or might not work for someone else. Different backgrounds and settings need lampshades of various sizes. Here are some tips to determine the size of the lampshade.

Base to Shade Ratio

The first thing that you need to consider is the base to shade ratio. A lampshade should be two-thirds or three-fourths of the lamp’s height, depending on the aesthetics. It is worth noting that an awkwardly-sized lampshade can make the entire surroundings look bizarre.


What sort of person you are and what type of aesthetics you prefer will influence the height of the lampshade. Wall decor is a reflection of the personality of an individual. So, make sure that the lampshade you choose fits well with your nature so that after you have it installed, it doesn’t go against your overall aesthetic.

Available Space 

The amount of space you have available for the lampshade should be kept in mind while getting one. There is no point in getting a big lampshade if it doesn’t even fit well in the allotted space. But additionally, a smaller size will look weird on a large table. So, you should consider the allotted space for the lampshade before finalizing one.


The purpose you are buying the lampshade for will primarily affect the size of the lampshade as well. A lampshade needed to light up the room needs to be bigger than a nightstand lamp. So, consider the purpose of buying a lampshade to understand the size that it needs to be.

Purpose of Buying the Lampshade

The purpose of purchasing the lampshade matters a lot. You are looking to add panache to the walls of your home. Or, you are buying the lampshade for a particular purpose. Let’s take a broader look at what type of lampshade is most suitable for what purpose. Let’s have a look at various purposes for purchasing a lampshade.


Lampshades are an essential part of home decor. Nature of lighting in the room, paired with the type of lampshade shows a glimpse of the homeowner’s personality. Different lampshades are available in the market that are made up of different materials like dried leaves, bamboo sticks, etc. It provides an artistic and a contemporary look to your home. Also, there are many options for you to find a modern look for your walls. So, your choice of lampshades will vary depending on your taste.


The type of efficiency that you are looking for from a lampshade affects the kind of lampshade that you should get. You might need a side lamp for the bed, a lampshade for the study or something to hang on the porch. So, it would help if you appropriately considered the purpose of buying the lampshade before getting one. 

Bedside Lamps 

In case you are looking for a way to read a book before you sleep without turning out the lights in your room, having a bedside lamp might be a good idea. For this purpose, there are different nighttime lamps available. You can even choose between low or adjustable brightness for this purpose.

Room Lighting

Lampshades make for a very efficient yet trendy source of light for the room. Consider getting a large wall lampshade or a dangler to not only lighten up the entire room but also to add the extra flair to your home decor.

Study Table Lampshades

A study table lampshade is an essential accessory for all students and professionals who work into late-night hours and burn the midnight oil. If you are looking to get a new study lamp, do consider the space, brightness and the spread of the light before buying one.

Multipurpose Lampshades 

Getting a multipurpose lampshade is always worth considering. These multipurpose lampshades not only provide utility but also add a charming touch of decor for the surroundings. So, if you are out looking to buy lamp shades, do consider multipurpose ones.

Shape of a Lampshade 

The shape of the lampshade should always be in harmony with the shape of the lamp. A curvy lampshade goes well with a curvy base while a geometrical lampshade shape goes well with a geometric lamp shape. It is about avoiding conflict. There are many contemporary models of lampshades available in the market which will blow your mind. But all of these are general rules of the thumb. You can always mix and match to assemble something unique, artistic and noteworthy.

Also, different shapes give different vibes. Some shapes radiate elegance, while others provide a more casual look. Many funky designs are also great to decorate the rooms of your little ones. Some shapes only look good on danglers and lampshades for table lamps are different.

Color of Lampshade

For your perfect lampshade, color is an essential factor. Each color is unique and gives out a different shade of light which illuminates your home. While there are some traditional approaches in choosing lampshades, there is no harm in choosing unconventional methods as well. Things that you might want to keep in mind while choosing the perfect lampshade are:

Traditional vs Modern Approach

White has been the go-to color for lampshades traditionally because of its effectiveness in spreading light. The manufacturers now make lampshades in many different, vibrant and bright colors. For example, to dim the light in the room, they use black or dark-colored lampshades. These dark lampshades add a classy touch to the background. 

Matching with the Base 

You can also decide the color of your lampshade by pairing it with the base. For example, wood and iron bases are versatile. You can pair them with any color, but you need to be a little more specific with white lampshades while matching it with a crystal or brass base. 


The background is an important factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing the color of your lampshade. Depending on the color of the furniture and the walls, you can try different color combinations. You need to decide, do you want the lampshade to blend in with the environment or do you want the lampshade to stand out? Based on this decision, you can choose a wood pattern on a lampshade or a bold combo of red and yellow. It is merely about your tastes and preferences. 

Fabric and Material 

Choosing the right fabric and material is a significant decision to get the perfect lampshade. There are numerous options available for the material of the lampshade, which makes choosing the an ideal material quite tricky. Here are some tips for you to choose the material for your perfect lampshade.


Fabrics like silk and linen which have adorned bedrooms for ages are always good choices. Textured fabrics are better suited for a casual environment like living spaces, corridors, etc. So, think about the setting in which you will be installing the lampshade and then make your decision.


Fabrics are undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for lampshades. Other modern materials like dried leaves, bamboo sticks, etc. are also being used for lampshades these days. These unconventional materials are recycled and eco-friendly, which make them very popular.

Nature of the Fabric 

You should decide on the nature of the fabric. You need to make this very critical choice before buying a lampshade. Some fabrics and material are opaque, which do not let light flow through the lampshade and make for a perfect choice if you wish to install a dim light in the room. 

You can also go for opaque materials in case you want to highlight an object or a particular part of the room. However, translucent materials are also trendy. They let the light pass through the lampshade, lighting up the room and allowing you to perform various activities like reading, writing, etc.

Feel the Room 

The type of room is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be kept in mind while looking for your perfect lampshade. One should consider things like the color of the walls and furniture, its shades, the texture and spacing before finalizing the lampshade. All these things have a different impact on the nature of the lighting of the room. Here are the reasons why these things matter.

Color and Texture of the Walls 

Lampshades affect the color and shade of the light that a lamp gives in a room. Each color and shade reacts differently to different wall colors and textures. For example, dim yellow light reacts very beautifully to blue colored walls. Also, a faint white or an off-white light harmonizes beautifully with darker shades.


Furniture of the room also plays a very pivotal role in the selection of the lampshades. The texture, color, placement, etc. of the furniture will significantly impact the nature of the lampshade that you get.

Size of the Room

How big your room is makes a lot of difference. An opaque or a small lampshade will work fine for a small room while a translucent or a big lampshade will be better for a bigger place.

Lights that You Plan to Use 

If you have some specific lights for your home which you would like to use, it is better to take that light along with you for testing. The type of light used in the lamp, along with lampshade, significantly impacts the glow and shade of the light. It is always better that you try it before you buy it.

Give a New Look with Vintage Lampshades 

Many vintage lampshades are recovered all over the world during repossession, excavations, etc. Discovery of many of these lampshades is made in mint conditions while some are restored. Some of these lampshades cost a fortune as well. These lampshades, made with authentic traditional designs and very durable material, are a delight to have in your homes. 

These lampshades reflect good taste and add a classiness to the background. Not only this, but there is also a whole new market for lampshades made with vintage material. These are becoming quite popular because of the uniqueness, flavor and ambience they bring to homes.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the perfect lampshade is not an easy task. It can become quite daunting, and one can often end up with the wrong lampshades — disappointing themselves. The tips mentioned above can help make getting the perfect lampshade a bit easier. 

There are many guidelines that you can follow. It is also okay to go rogue and take an unconventional way. You can try bold combinations of colors. You can mix different materials and lights to discover a unique blend.


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