Glass Lampshades That Add A Rustic Feel To Your Living Space

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Are you looking to add a rustic look to your living space? You can do that with the help of this article. There are some overwhelming choices when it comes to adding a rustic feel to your living room. From the wall colors to that lampshade on the table, you can find a way to decorate everything with a rustic feel. Thankfully, rustic decor never goes out of style. It brings in the ultimate feeling of coziness. So many items have a rustic feel, not only in their designs but also in the materials used. Let’s see how you can add a rustic look to your living space!

A proper rustic lamp can add a cozy feeling to your interior. Moreover, it will match the rustic interiors used in your living space. We have comprised a list of a few lampshades that have a rustic feel. Incorporate these into the rustic look of your living space, and it will look amazing. This list contains varied lamp shades that range from minimalist, vintage, to modern. 

You can change the look of any room in your house by changing the lighting a bit. You can also alter the environment and mood. Lighting is something that changes the entire look of any room in minutes. So, to add a relaxing and cozy touch, choose to add soft lights. Whereas, if you want to catch the eye of anyone who visits your room, select dramatic lights.

Knowing the mood and feel that you want you to set is crucial while you choose lights and lampshades. The type of light bulbs and the level of light and color they give off can make a drastic difference in the entire setting.

If you are looking to add a rustic feel and coziness to your home, this article is for you. Find one of the best rustic lamp shades options that will elevate your space. Transform your living space into something more comfortable and cute. Also, finding some rustic decor will help you in the process.

Picking The Right Lamp Base And Lighting

The warmth in your lights plays a significant role in setting the environment. Also, they help in transforming the living space. Besides the light, the lamp base helps to alter the mood and aesthetics of your room. When you are looking to add a different style and mood to your room, don’t overlook your lamp’s base! Every detail helps in giving off the rustic feel. So, to give your space rustic vibes, you can select a lamp base that has a unique design and antique finish.

Lamps are functional decor, and they change the mood of a room completely. The aesthetics of your living room will be impacted by setting the desired lighting mood.

Let us go through some of the options available when it comes to rustic lighting. These will change your lighting environment and add a tinge of a rustic look.

  • Table Lamps

These pieces are perfect to decorate the top of any table or shelf. They also add a warm glow to your room. With table lamps, you don’t need a nightlight in your living space. They are enough to spread the required amount of light in a dark room.

Listed below are some of the cozy lamps that will add a rustic touch to your bedroom or living room.

  • Amazing Antlers

Antlers are one of the most rustic-designed lamps. They are​  also available in many options. These lamps usually have a base molded like antlers. Being inspired by the creatures of the great outdoors, they add one of the purest rustic feels.

Add a rustic rural feel to your living room with the help of these available lamps.

Natural vibes are amplified in the shades provided along with these lamps. Evergreen trees are present on the shade, which gives a more explicit touch of a rustic feel. These are great for not only living rooms, but they are also a suitable choice for cabins and outdoor styled living space.

  • A Classic Shade

Several options are available for classic lamps.​  They generally have a bronze base, that is quite aged to add a rustic look and feel. They are a complete solution in themselves and are ready to compliment almost any decor. The shade contains a very thin material with intricate detailing on it as well. Get this lamp option to add a rustic glow to your living space. A shade that has a rustic style along with a bronze base makes a unique addition to any room.

  • Rustic Lantern

This rustic lamp has a unique design and provides​  a rustic, outdoorsy feel. When placed in your living room, this simple lamp will transform the entire feel of your space. Moreover, an iron lantern base stands out, along with the lampshade. It will make you feel like you’re traveling back in time. The unique glass lampshade gives the feel of burlap, and it adds to the beauty of your living room. The lamp all in all will provide a great rustic look. A definite conversation piece that you can add to your home to give a rustic feel.

  • Baubles

Baubles can be found on classic lamp shades that are used for table​ lamps. Classy white shades sit atop the base of the lamp. A warm finish appears on the base of the lamp that gives it an antique look. You can cultivate a homey feel with rustic vibes using this lamp to decorate your living space. The lamps are very versatile because of the simplicity added to them. You can fit them in an aesthetic that has a rustic and outdoorsy interior and feel. It is sure to get along in the space and add to its beauty. Yet, the look of these lamps is a bit confusing. They are also perfect to fit a room that has a more modern and minimalistic look. Put it anywhere and decorate your living space; it will go well along with any look.

  • StarStudded Lantern

This lamp has a mesmerizing beauty as it is full of stars. The​  lamp has stars studded in it to add to the beauty and charm of this unique lantern. The lamp’s base is made up of iron and doesn’t fail to add a vintage look to your living space. The lamp has a very antique look, and it will give your room a rustic feel. The stars give a rural edge to it. 

The lampshade and the base are a perfect combination to add that perfect rustic look. You can place them in any part of your house, and you will not have to do much else. It will look great in your kid’s room, too, because of the star detailing. You can also place it in your kitchen, or any room that you wish to style.

  • Slender and Modern

A table lamp that has a fresh touch. It has a chic​ and elegant look. This type of lamp will never go out of style. You will impress everyone who visits your house with this unique lantern lamp. The lamp has a slender base, and the shade of this lamp is latticed to add to its design and offer a more luxurious touch to it. If you are more inclined to provide a rustic look in the French style, this lamp has got you covered. It is the perfect choice to fulfill your desire to add a rustic look to your living space.

  • Edison light

A piece that is true to the aesthetic of providing the look and feel of rustic​ appeal. This vintage lamp is sure to add a vintage look to your living space, and it also contains an Edison Bulb. The lampshade sits on the top, and the base is in the shape of a cage. 

The cage is made up of metal, and the Edison bulb is inside the cage. The caged frame adds to the beauty of this table lamp. At the same time, it gives the lamp a rustic feel. This piece fits a varied range of aesthetics. Moreover, the overall feel depends on the other decor contained in your living and also where you want to place this.

  • Floor Lamps

You can stagger the height of your lamps to elevate the look and feel of your living space. A floor lamp will add a different level of glow to your space. It will set the right mood and warm up the environment. Floor lamps are also like table lamps in that they can change the mood with the kind of statement made and kind of light emitted.

If simple and sleek bases are used, then they produce a modern vibe. Yet, to add a rustic feel, you will need bases that have a unique and antique finish. Follow the list below to get an idea of a few floor rustic lamps available. They will add to the rustic feel of your home.

  • Natural Wood

The base of this lamp looks like a natural tree branch. This piece is​  unique and catches the attention of anyone’s eye. The base of the lamp is made up of natural wood and will help to add the rustic feel to your living space. It will also add an outdoorsy vibe to the inside of your living space.

The lampshade hangs on the stand, and it adds to the versatility of this lamp. The fact that the lamp hangs adds to the beauty of your living space. You can choose to place it on the table or on the floor beside the couch.

  • Cute and Curved

This lamp has an intriguing, modern base. The base of this​ lamp curves up. This lamp, when used to decorate your living space, will add to the rustic feel. The wooden base made up of oak trees is best for your rustic-themed room. It will also go with other wooden accents used to decorate your room. To add a rustic feel to your living space, wooden decor fits the bill. The shade will blend with the other materials add a rustic vibe to warm up the space.

  • Vintage Sleek

This tall and sleek standing lamp will add a vintage look thanks to the lamp​ post. This lampshade and base are used to create a rustic look and can also produce farm-house vibes. It has a metal base and an oiled bronze finish. Three Edison bulbs are present inside the lampshade. So, they produce a great amount of warming light. It can also be used to add a vintage edge to your living space.

  • Modern White

The modern white lamp is chic and simple. The wooden base has a​  slender design and carvings are present to provide a warm finish and rustic look. This lamp will add to the rustic feel of your home. It is also proven to amplify the homey feel and rustic look of your living space. It will match any decor in your home. Also, the white color of the lampshade goes well with any color scheme in your rooms. You will not have to think much to place this lamp. This lamp will be a great addition to any corner of your home.

Final Thoughts

A huge variety of lamps are available when it comes to adding a rustic look to your living space. You can choose according to what suits your choice and decor best. Most of the available designs go well with several decor options.

Glass and metal never go out of style. So, a combination of these two will also help you find the best lamps for your room.


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