Escape To The Tropics With A Ceiling Fan

A design element can be added to your outdoor space with tropical ceiling fans. These ceiling fans are appealing to the eye and are functional at the same time. Whether installed in a porch or patio, under a parogola, or in a garage, having a cool breeze on a hot mid-summer day is always welcomed.


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Enjoying The Breeze

A outdoor living space

can be enjoyed further with the addition of a fan. Imagine you hold a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade up to your nose and inhale the delicious lemon aroma. It reminds you of holding a fresh lemon in your hands. You run your finger over the bright yellow skin, noticing all the little dimples before cutting it in half. You squeeze a half into a glass releaseing a fine mist of juice into the air. You take a sip on the fresh lemonaid you had just made earlier. The sweeten tart flavor tingles your tastebuds. A cool breeze rushes over your body instantly relieving the hot humid air that surrounds you.

Now imagine having that breeze constant. That is the power of a outdoor ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans

As long as you purchase a ceiling fan made for the outdoors, buying a cheap or expensive tropical themed fan should bring years of enjoyment. Below are some examples of design and style available today.

Hunter Bayview Ceiling Fan comes in Provincial Gold in wicker blades with a palm leaf pattern and has a wonderful 54″ blade span.
The fan itself is easy to install and is absolutely gorgeous making this particular fan a great addition to your sun room or tropical style home. This fan is absolutely quiet and moves the air around just perfect. Several customers have had this fan in their home for over 10 years and they are impressed with the quality, the quietness and no ‘wiggle’ of the fan on the ceiling.

Westinghouse Oasis 48″ Ceiling Fan, Leaf design blades with Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish.
Customers have found this fan installs easily and is very quiet. This leave design is not as tropical looking however makes a fantastic addition to your screen room to move the air around. The color, however, isn’t as dark as it appears in the photograph. The blades are made of heavy plastic and the tops of the blades are not painted to match the bottom part that is exposed. So, if you have it hung on your ceiling where you can see the tops of the blades, it just looks funny. You do have to be careful of installation and not to disturb the blades as they will tend to wobble a little.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Caribbean Breeze Paddle Leave 54″ Fan Blades.
This is an extremely quiet ceiling fan and would be great in any room of your house. The leaf type style of the paddle blades moves the air efficiently and the fan is easy to install and doesn’t wobble after installation. The movement of the air is wonderful especially in your sun room where it can get warm. Several customers have had this fan for 5 plus years and the fan still works as if it is brand new.
Ellington Tahiti 52″ 5 blade Ceiling Fan in Caribbean Brass Finish
Large, almost fluffy, blades that are attractive, however, if not protected in your sun room can get caught in the storm winds. You almost need a high ceiling for this fan to look right in a smaller room. The movement of the blades tends to be slow even on the high setting and seems as if this ceiling was made more for show than for air movement.
Casa Vieja Rattan Outdoor Tropical Ceiling Fan with 52″ Blades.
Even though this fan is for outdoor use such as in a pergola it can be used on a sun porch with a high ceiling, however, it does look better used as an outside fan. The air movement with these blades is great for keeping outdoor parties cool during the warm summer evenings. This fan is easy to install and holds up under any weather condition such as during heavy rain storms accompanied by heavy winds. Customers seem impressed with this outdoor tropical fan.