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Deputies: Man put naked girlfriend in dryer

6:42 PM Thu, Apr 26, 2007 |
Michelle Homer

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to a strange call Thursday afternoon.

When deputies showed up at the Nantucket Square Townhomes, they found a naked woman inside a clothes dryer.

Deputies say her boyfriend put her there, but they don’t know why.

The victim was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion.

So far, no charges have been filed.


Todd said:


Tonya said:

Talk about leaving someone out to dry!

Double D said:

That relationship is doomed to go “round and round”.

Jill said:

Was they dryer turned on when they found her?

Todd said:

Was she done? Did she have that “Fresh from the dryer” smell? Did he leave to get more quarters? Was she huge, and he couldn’t afford a gym with a sauna?

Joanna said:

This is ridiculous!

Me said:

Ya’ll are sick! The poor lady!!!

Jim said:

Maybe they were out of towels….

Dee said:

He has mental problems. She obviously needs counseling as well.

Mirna said:

hi ppl poor lady i feel sorry 4 her and yall talkin like that joking round..get real!..!!!

Todd said:

You gotta put em in a`dryer at an actual wash-and-fold, so someone can put more quarters in for you if she’s not done at the end of the cycle.

Jerome said:

Whats I wants to know is why the cops got to get involved. Theys wasnt hurtin nobody. what wrong? Didn’t have nobody to taser or shoot that day?

harold said:

jerome sounds like a complete idiot.
i’d like to taser him.

harold said:

jerome sounds like a complete idiot.
i’d like to taser him.

Me said:

Making jokes about something that serious is NOT funny, I pray for both of those people, and so should all of you! Thank you, and God Bless You

Lee said:

I agree,Pray that both he and her get the help they need.Everyone loves a funny story,thankfully she will be alright.

Jerome said:

i take offense to all the names calling. serisly

Gloria said:

I don’t understand how some people can be so cruel,to make jokes about something that could have killed this women. Who ever did this to her has a very serious problem and needs help. The people that have made jokes about this should stop and think how they would feel if this happened to their loved one. People grow up and have some compassion for others. Thank sweet Jesus that she will be ok and maybe all you believers out there should pray for people that do things like this and think its funny, well, IT’S NOT!!!!!

Anonymous said:

You don’t understand because you have no discernable sense of humor, maybe you should ask Jesus for some of that. I mean, instead of wagging your stinkfinger at the rest of us who are enjoying humorous news, Gloria and ME. Now go fix someone’s dinner before you get in trouble thinking. Oh, and I really want to taser Jerome as well.

Tonya said:

I think it’s hilarious and evidentally, KHOU does too or they wouldn’t have posted it. Think about it, why is that “news worthy”! For comedy! Geez, some people really don’t know how to just “chill out”! If this happened to one of my relatives, I’d laugh at her too (after I made sure she was ok first)!

Juley said:

Also, if you read the article, they have not brought any charges on the man. If he did it to be mean or cruel, I would think they would have pressed charges on him. Possibly it was some kind of freaky sex game they were playing and she wanted to be put in the dryer. Oh yes, please, someone taser Jerome or at the very least hit him with an English book!

Lauretta said:

I guess if she would have died it would have made bigger news. I wonder if that had happend to a sister or cousin if it would have been as funny????

Danielle said:

Jerome sounds like someone already got him with a taser!! theys was ims thinken….lol

Todd said:

Oh yeah, sister or cousin would have been much funnier.
Look outside Jeromes, its them popo’s comin for yu! Deys got dem tazers and guns and chainsaws and doin indian burns and noogies with the atomic wedgie oh lordy deys a comin! Someone call Qwuannel K, hes can hep us! serisly.

KW said:

well, the boyfriend has now been arrested & charged w/ aggravated kidnapping. When found she was unresponsive but had a pulse & was transported to the hospital. Boyfriend being held without bond!!

Micki said:

What the HELL is the matter with you people???? You might as well have comitted the crime yourself. How can you be so sick in the head? I would be afraid to be around you!! Thank God she survived!! My prayers are with her and her family.

ST. Mary said:

niggers for ya

Ho said:

That is a terrible thing to say.

A concerned citizen said:

Wow, I am really astonished by the tone here. And the spelling. If you are going to make jokes about a poor girl being put in a dryer, something that is serious to another persons health, then at least spell correctly.
Poor girl, she probably got hooked up with a mental case. That is a man for you, piss him off and he puts you in the dryer. Thank god the police found her or he would be charged with murder. Is that funny?

Nno Gringo said:

Hell in mexico we just chut tem and tro in riber

ginger said:

Can’t believe KHOU even post any of this –what a horrible thing for the familes to see…

Gloria said:

Well, it seems that the police didn’t think this was a laughing matter after all. Aggravated kidnapping is a pretty serious charge. It’s not about having a sense of humor, it’s about caring about the well fare of other human beings, which is how God would want us to feel. I guess it just goes to show you have many sick and twisted people there are. I’m happy I am not one of them.

Todd said:

No, I KNOW the police think this is a laughing matter, having retired from that crappy job after 10 years. No one is laughing harder at this than the cops, the ones you DON’T see on TV. Yup, how about that, you just found out a dirty little secret, we laughed at all the excuses, promises, lies, and assorted hooha civilians attempt to foist on officers every day.
Let me get Micki straight here, people who make jokes are as bad as the perpetrator? Wow, glad you aren’t a prosecuting attorney. Words don’t hurt people, people hurt people. Occasionally dryers hurt people, and then it’s funny. But we’re ok, cuz you’re praying. Isn’t the rule “two hands working beats a thousand hands praying”? Are you helping this chick who couldn’t figure out how to open the dryer door? I didn’t think so. So tell us all about your long discussions with God, and how he told you how we should all feel, cuz I asked and got the answering machine again. Please tell me in his exact words how everyone should feel about this exact situation right now, a quote from Him not from a verse you looked up. Not out of the Bible remember, what he told you. We’ll wait.

Everyone settle down and get quiet, I have a roll of quarters and I’m not afraid of putting people on the “wrinkle out” setting.

ginger said:

Spare us all…..

Kelly said:

I think I just pee’d in my pantses.

Very Concerned said:

She couldn’t figure out how to open the door because many dryer doors can only be opened from the outside. I glad to hear that Todd is no longer a police. I wouldn’t want him to respond to my call. People like him give our police officers a bad reputation. And Todd, reputation means “Rep” for you information. Who knows, you probably weren’t even a real police anyway.

Very Concerned said:

Oops! I quess I can’t spell either. Maybe you can help Jerome and I learn to use spell check. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for thinking very long and forgetting to put dinner in the oven and wait on my husband barefoot. I guess that’s what women do when they understand something men don’t. The men are embarassed and demote them to housewives, right? Is that supposed to be an insult anyway? I guess I would rather be called that than a cop if Todd is right.

John said:

I wonder if she was washed first!!!!!!!! HMMM……..

John said:

I wonder if she was washed before the cops found her. HMMM

Todd said:

Oh, it just keeps getting funnier!
Here’s a quote from the Chronicle;
“The woman may have been in the dryer for two or more hours before the friend summoned authorities around 1 p.m. Thursday, Martin said. She suffered bumps and bruises but investigators do not believe she was in the dryer while it was running, he said.”
Not even running! HAA AHH HOO, even better than I origionaly thought. I know how hard it is to place handcuffs on an adult, male or female, if they really don’t want them on. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to stuff some chick, hopefully a little anorexic, in a dryer. But here’s where it gets even better, Concerned Gloria, Tracy with Whirlpool advised that their dryers, and many other brands, do not have latch locks like refrigerators, and can ALWAYS be opened from the inside. It is not a vacuum situation as the vent and filter circulate air, preventing massive heat buildup. 50+ years of making them that way, according to their customer service group. You must be thinking of the refrigerator again, where the donuts are still begging for liberation.
Yeah, it’s real poop when people find out that the guys wearing the uniform are human, and have more fun at your expense than you could ever imagine. I knew a guy who would eat peoples drivers license if they made him mad, just chew it up right there in front of them and write them a ticket for failing to show identification while operating a motor vehicle. No judge ever believed the civilian when they came to court, what a hoot! I’ll give you a hint, he rides a motorcycle and wears that blue uniform you see every day. I don’t much care for that line of work anymore, or even cops in general, but some really funny things happen every day to those guys.

Jeff said:

AS an engineer, I won’t even begin to try to understand the human behavior behind this. I deal with machine design. Most commercial laundry dryers I’ve seen can be pushed open from the inside, should someone small enough actually be able to get in there. The doors are magnetically latched, not mechanically latched, and likely for this very reason. So, there are some odd circumstances that aren’t being mentioned in this story. Drugs…handcuffs..not sure, but it was apparently all voluntary by the participants. If it was a gas dryer, which most large commerical dryers are, both of these morons are lucky she wasn’t killed by the combustion gases as well as the flame. Enough already. God looks out for saints and fools. These folks weren’t saints.

Devony said:

I can’t believe some of the awful things I’ve read in the comments posted. It’s always easier making jokes towards things when they aren’t happening to you. Immature and rude is what comes to mind reading these comments. Grow up

OhMyGoodness said:

For gosh sake!

Do you people have any idea how much sex machines that go “round and round and round” cost these days? Here we have two inventive people who found that for 5 quarters, they can do the same thing…… and they got caught.

So she blames him, without pressing charges, and he pretends he doesn’t know what happened.

As long as they wipe the thing down with bleach before MY clothes go into it, I applaud them.

Some people need to grow a funny bone.

Sickpeople said:

Oh My Word. U are very sick. this women may have suffered nd all you can do is laugh. that poor woment must have been traumertized for life. you all need to grow up. well done for everyone who is praying. i applaud you. May my wishes be with the victim’s family at this time

Stinko said:

Did she have big hooters?

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