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David Crowder Band, October 5th

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DC*B is an awesome band and they rocked the House. They do a great job of blending electric guitars with loops and circuit bending along keytars and banjos. The drummer B-Whack even re-wired a Guitar Hero device for Crowder so that it plays real chords. Their lyrics are very thought-provoking and point toward their higher calling of serving God and taking care of people’s needs.

HOB is a fantastic venue but very confusing. General admission tickets are standing room only which can grow very old at a 4 hour show. It’s also hard to tell when the main act comes on because they seem to always have at least 2 opening acts.

Overall, this was a great show (and my second after BFS a few weeks ago) and I look forward to more great acts coming. I just wish the band Vertical (www.myspace.com/verticalbandonline) would play there.

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