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Common (9/15/07)

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Common has definitely got his side card as an actor and that made the show all the more fun. I lluuurrrvved the show, but I’m a little biased considering I’m matrimonially obliged (in my head anyway) to Common. It is impossible to deny that he is very much still on top of his game, refreshingly so in this age of hip hop. The only weird thing was the number of costume changes he did. I think I saw him in at least 5 different shirts, which isn’t that gangsta…but I love him anyway.

I didn’t make it to the House of Blue show. I am going to be honest with you. I was too busy sweating in the hot Austin sunshine doing the annual Austin City Limits Festival. I love the House of Blues venue. My heart cried out for a new place to attend concerts after the Bronco Bowl closed down. Did we really need another Home Depot? I loved that spot and this place filled the void in my concert-going heart. The food in the restaurant is spectacular and there isn’t a bad seat in the entire venue. Now readers I am still going to write about seeing Common. He filled in a vacant spot on Sunday afternoon 9/16/2007 at the ACL Festival. His set list included tracks from his latest album “Finding Forever” and other old school songs. He even did a Tribe Called Quest cover tune much to my delight. His performance was a blessing on that Sunday. Adding so much to that day and all this for a festival that had no other hip hop representation (unless you want to somehow count the Marley Boys…Stephen and Ziggy).
The Songs he performed were…
* Forever Begins
* Go
* U, Black Maybe
* Testify
* The People
* Street Radio
* Get ’em High (Kanye West Cover)
* Drivin’ Me Wild
* Come to Close Me
* Break My Heart (keyboard solo)
* Hip Hop Medley
* DJ Dummy Solo
* I Want You
* The Light

Keep rockin!!!!
-Nate Miller

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