Modern Reading Lamps: Best Top 10

Modern Reading Lamps: Best Top 10

As an avid fan of reading books and magazines, you can attest to the fact that it is hard to find a suitable reading light that you can use in your home or office. In this post, we will look into the top ten best reading lamps. We will review each lamp while also outlining different specifications and features of the reading lamps.

Miroco LED Floor Lamp – 5 Brightness Levels

This is a great multi-purpose lamp since it can be adjusted easily to suit your comfort at different times and for different occasions, such as reading. For starters, it has five brightness levels that range from 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and finally 100% percent.

It also has a variety of color temperatures, which range from warm white to natural white and finally cool white. It also uses LED bulbs, which produce up to 1,850 lumens and use about twelve watts of electricity; as a result, they are very bright, and they can even light up your living room and bedroom.

The lamp also has a switch which, when long- pressed for about two seconds, automatically sets the lamp into a night light mode. It also has an adjustable gooseneck, which enables you to move it around the room easily and be in a position to illuminate your projects perfectly.

Toyolo 4 in 1 Led Desk Lamp

This type of lamp is excellent for reading and studying. It has different features, such as being dimmable. The lamp is also compatible with different platforms such as Apple. Fo9r instance, the lamp has a wireless charger that can be used to charge Apple watches and two USB charging port for your IPods’ and eReader right at the back.

This charging station is excellent and convenient as it allows one to charge up to four devices at a go. This will enable you to multitask if you have to perform specific tasks on different devices. Its flicker-free light will also ensure that your reading session is uninterrupted, and its flexibility and lightweight will make it easy to carry.

Besides all these, the lamp also comes with one charger stand desk lamp, a user manual, and a Type-C USB cable.

Brightech Montage Bedrooms and Living Room Floor Lamp

Brightech Montage Floor Lamp

It is a great reading lamp that has a great mid-century modern and farmhouse feel, which makes it blend well with any decor. The lamp also has accent pole lamps, which makes it suitable for the indoors.

Besides this, it has a thin pole, which is about five feet tall, which makes it an excellent practical corner lamp. The lamp’s height is convenient, and you can place it on your office desk while reading. It also not only works very well with outlets such as Alexa, Apple home kit, and Google Home Assistant but also comes with LED bulbs, which are long-lasting and can last for many years; these LED bulbs also help you save on your electricity bill, and they don’t produce any heat; therefore, you will not be a victim of the accidental burns one gets when they brush the light. The Brightech lamp also comes with a three years manufacturer warranty.

Miroco LED Floor Lamp – 4 Brightness Levels

This is a great LED floor lamp that can come in handy when handling different activities such as reading. The LED lights make it long-lasting and energy-efficient since it only uses up to 10 watts. The lamp also produces a total of 450 lumens.

The brightness levels of the lamp are also adjustable, and they range from 25%, 50%, 75%, and finally 100%. The lamp also has a square base, and it contributes significantly to its stability. Also, the lamp has a sturdy shell that helps to shield the light being produced by the lamp. Asa result, the lamp does not flicker while you are reading.

It also has about four different types of color temperatures, which are warm white, candle, natural white, and cool white.  With all these great features, it still has an adjustable gooseneck, which will make it easy for you to adjust it to any height of your choice and also be able to move it around the room freely. The manufacturer has also issued an 18 months warranty from the time of purchase.

Susan Modern Standing Lamp

Susan Modern Standing Lamp
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  • Sleek Black-painted finish with a gently curved white-frosted plastic shade
  • Fully Adjustable Side Reading light, Use as a kids floor lamp floor lamps for…

This lamp is of great contemporary style. It has a white frosted plastic shade that curves gently to form a dome shape and a sleek black finish. It also has a fully adjustable side reading light that comes in handy when reading, or one can opt to use it as a floor lamp for kids’ bedrooms as it will still work perfectly.

The measurements of the incandescent torchiere floor lamp are as follows; 11.75 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall. The lamp is suitable for small to medium-size rooms. It also has a three-way switch that enables one to switch from high to medium to low light whichever you may prefer.

Brightech Leaf- Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Leaf- Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

This lamp is great as it tends to focus light on one area; as a result, the lamp proves to be useful when performing specific tasks such as reading. It produces up to 1,150 lumens, which, in conjunction with the pharmacy shade, makes it very convenient for focusing light in one area. Especially when one is reading and needs to focus on a particular page.

It is also made with modern materials and has a fantastic vintage design, which blends well with any decor. It also comes with LED bulbs that use about 12.5 watts, therefore, making it to last longer up to twenty years with regular use. It also has a three years manufacturer warranty

Teckin Reading Standing – Floor Lamp

This lamp is very economical since it is energy efficient. The manufacturer has made use of cutting-edge LED technology to ensure that the lamp consumes less electricity while also ensuring that it can last for a prolonged period. The lamp has a wattage of 18 watts. It is also durable, and it can last for many years. The lamp also has three color modes; 3000K white, 4000K natural white, and 6000K cold white. The color modes make it easy to adjust to any environment.

It also protects one from glaring and constant flickers since the light from the LED lamp is flicker-free. The lamp also has a sturdy lamp shell that protects the LED lamp. Its steady base also contributes significantly to the lamp’s stability.

The lamp has an operation memory, and it can recall your light preference once set. Also, the soft and easily rotatable gooseneck makes it very flexible; therefore, it can easily bend to illuminate your items or activities properly.

However, it is unable to work with smart plugs but is still a high-quality lamp as The FCO, CE, and PSE have certified it.

Acegoo Bedside Reading Light

Acegoo Bedside Reading Light
  • FOCUSED ILLUMINATION – Narrow beam produces a footprint lighting area on your…
  • DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING – The easy to position flexible goose neck point the light…
  • TOUCH DIMMER SWITCH – Simple touch lamp holder base switch to turn on or turn…

This type of lamp is every reader’s dream since it offers some form of flexibility. The lamp allows you to do your reading while in bed. It has an adjustable gooseneck that is very flexible and can be easily directed to fit your different sitting or lying posture in bed.

Besides producing an excellent footprint lighting area on your reading page, the lamp ensures that you are comfortable while reading since it produces warm light. It also has a simple touch holder base, which allows you to adjust the light brightness according to your preference and switch it on or off when not in use. Finally, it has a headboard or wall mount that helps to ensure that your surrounding is kept neat and clean.

Brightech Lifespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Lifespan- Bright LED Floor Lamp
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This lamp is particularly great for reading because it has high brightness and contrast light. It also produces about 850 to 950 lumens, which contribute to its brightness.

Also, it can’t be knocked over easily since it has excellent stability. The lamp uses LEDs and remains cool even when used for a prolonged period; as a result, the lamp helps you to avoid any accidental brush- burns and overheating of your space.

It comes in a classic shade of black and bullet steel shape, which makes it very stylish. And has up to three years of warranty after purchase.

Ravenna Home Swing Arm Table Desk Lamp

It is considered to be among one of the best reading lamps with great features. For instance, it has a strong base made of metal and has a great bronze color. It also comes with a traditional table lamp, a swing arm that has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and an off-white linen hardback shade, which makes it very stylish and functional.

It is also easy to assemble with the estimated time for assembling being fifteen minutes. The lamp also uses an LED bulb. It is also suitable for indoor use.

How to Pick the Best Reading Lamps

With the numerous options we have presented above, you may have worries about how to choose the best lamp that works for you, especially one that you can use while reading or use to perform your various tasks.

It is also important to note that a reading lamp is very crucial in one’s life, especially if you love reading, studying, or working in your home office. Some of the tips you should consider when looking for a reading lamp include:

You need to consider the lamp’s flexibility

For instance, the lamp has to have an adjustable head or gooseneck that will make it easier for one to move the lamp towards different directions; this will also ensure that you can use it in different settings.

A flexible gooseneck or head will make it convenient for use. For example, if you have a spouse and may want to continue working while in bed, an adjustable gooseneck will ensure you focus the light in your direction. Therefore you will not disturb the other partner and will get your work done on time.

A flexible gooseneck or lamp head will ensure your comfortability. Therefore you will be able to lie down in bed as you read your book or sitting in a comfortable posture as you read.

You need to consider the Lumen figure

This is the amount of brightness a lamp light produces. It is important to consider this factor since you don’t want to purchase a lamp that has a view that is too bright and may glare your eyes or one that is very dim since you will strain while reading.

For convenience and great ease, it is advisable to buy a lamp whose light is about 250 lumens to 500 lumens per square meter. And if in the darker surrounding, it is essential to ensure that your Lux is lower. Lux is the number of lumens the lamp light produces per square meter; this will prevent having a great and huge contrast between the lit area and a darker area and will also help to break the contrast after turning on the lamp slowly.

You need to consider the setting

You don’t want to choose a lamp that you may never use because it doesn’t fit your setting. For instance, you may not want to choose an adjustable lamp that you can’t adjust to your preferences, such as your desired height or brightness level.

It is crucial to consider the setting as it will determine the features to look for. For instance, if you want a reading lamp to use whole reading in bed, then you may opt for an acegoo bedside reading lamp.

However, if you require a lamp that you may use while reading in your living room, then you may opt to use a Miroco LED floor lamp with five brightness levels and three-color temperatures; this is because even though you may require light for reading you also will require to provide for the entire room you’re in. And it will make you not inconvenience others as they perform their tasks as well.

You need to consider the evenness of lamp light

This may be similar to the point stated above; however, besides considering the setting, you also need to consider the evenness of the light, mainly when focused on one area on a specific subject at that time.

You may need to consider what you may require in a lamp.

If you don’t have a table at the side of your bed, then you may require having a mountable lamp. And if you may need a long-lasting lamp, then you may consider buying a lamp that uses LED bulbs as it will save you on your electricity and will last longer.

You may need to consider the design and color of the lamp

You want to buy or pick a lamp whose design will blend well with the surrounding; this will ensure that you don’t pick a lamp whose color and design will seem off once you place it in the living room or office and bedroom.


The next time you may be reading and notice that you don’t have a great reading light lamp, or you may not know how to pick one, a buyer’s guide will guide you accordingly. Ensure you then get the information that you may require to pick a lamp that will fit your preference.




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