Top 10 Best Modern Floor Lamps For Dark Rooms

floor lamp for dark room

Floor lamps come in unique designs, and colors can easily blend with existing décor giving your space a stunning, bespoke look. The gentle and smooth lights of floor lamps accentuate the sleekness and elegance of your space. When correctly blended with existing décor and placed in the right place within the room, a floor lamp can serve more than just lighting.

These lamps can add another esthetic layer to your house while acting as an impressive backdrop for other decorations. With the right design, you can have almost all the spaces in the house lit. However, there are dark corners and rooms that only the illuminating touch of floor lamps can brighten. This is a review of the top ten best floor lamps for dark rooms.

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

With three tall lamps and an elegant bronze finish, Akira Arc Floor Lamp oozes class and sophistication. The three overhead lamps give your darkroom the perfect three-pronged cool brightness that accentuates the rest of the decorations. The burlap fabric drum lamp shades further add to the contemporary style of the floor lamp. The oatmeal shades give your room an authentic touch while oil-rubbed bronze finish adds a rustic feel.

For a small price, homeowners have the chance of owning one of the most stylish floor lamps in the market. At 78.5 inches tall, Revel Akira 3 Light Arc Floor Lamp towers gracefully over the rest of the decorations. The arms of the three lamps can rotate to any direction giving the lamp a sunflower-like aura.

The lamp fits perfectly in any part of the room and can also be used in the office. Weighing 25 pounds, the lamp has a sturdy heavy-duty metallic base for stability. The lamp comes with a dimmable switch that allows for a three-level dimming option for that perfect tone that matches your mood. The lamp comes with a long electric cord for ease of mobility and a smart device option.

Brightech Litespan

Brightech Litespan
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One of the few floor lamps in this category with a gooseneck, Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp is specifically designed to brighten dark rooms. The powerful LED lights give a super bright yet cool illumination that blends perfectly with the natural ambiance of the rest of the house. The adjustable gooseneck provides a premium lighting experience that speaks of convenience. You can adjust the gooseneck into an upward or downward direction, diffused, or focused lighting experience.

For a more bespoke illumination, try the natural daylight color option. With a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, this floor lamp is designed with the customer’s trust and confidence in mind. The dark finish gives the lamp an alluring, retro modern style.

Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp comes with a solid metal base that also houses the electric cord and the switch. The lamp weighs just over 10 pounds and stands at 61 inches tall, making it ideal for table use too. Easy to assemble and operate, the gooseneck floor lamp has a wattage of 12 watts.

Boston Harbo

Boston Harbo
  • Boston Harbor 3 light satin nickel tree lamp
  • Finished in satin nickel with three adjustable spotlights
  • Spotlights can rotate 350 degrees and pivot 45 degrees

With an iconic name to boot, Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648 is another excellent member of the three-light floor lamp family. Designed for aesthetics and cool and bright lighting, the floor lamp comes with three spotlight, positioned intentionally along the arm to give a tree feel.

The powerful three lamps are adjustable and give powerful illumination that will definitely brighten any dark room in your house. Capable of a 360 degree rotation, the three spotlights can rotated in any direction, giving you a wide array of lighting designs.

If you fancy a lamp that would give the ultimate mix of multidirectional lighting, then Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648 was designed with you in mind. Standing at 65 inches and weighing just over 10 pounds, the lamp is ideal for all kinds of dark rooms in your home. From the reading area to the siting room, or even the office area, this floor oozes functional flexibility.

It primarily uses an incandescent bulb and is easy to assemble. With a support pole made of metal and a wattage of 60 watts, the lamp has a brushed nickel finish for a modern look and functional durability and stability.

Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp

Designed for lighting versatility, Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp is one of the best torchiere floor lamps available in the market today. The lamp comes with dimmable light that gives your darkroom different shades of darkness.

Such versatility in lighting options allows you to set the tone of the room and match with your moods. The warm, pleasant glow of the 2190 lumens of super bright LED bulbs gives your room a cozy and cool touch. Such magnificence is achieved with efficient energy consumption.

The simple and highly compact design ensures that you have a floor lamp that takes less space while also blending in perfectly with the existing décor. Standing at 63 inches, the lamp has a majestic presence, accentuated by the retro style of the brushed dark bronze finish. Despite its thin, minimalist design, Brightech Sky LED comes with a sturdy metallic base for stability.

Weighing 8.86 pounds, the lamp has a super slim frame and 110 wattage capacity that makes it ideal for dark spaces at home and office. The three dimming options and a head that can tilt up to 45 degrees, the lamp can also serve as a decorative modern art piece in your home.

Stone & Beam Deco Black Metal Floor Lamp

Stone & Beam Deco Black Metal Floor Lamp
  • This Art Deco-inspired lamp features a boldly designed four-legged base with a...
  • Art Deco-inspired
  • Metal legs with black finish and white linen shade

Stone & Beam Deco Black Metal Floor Lamp is a blend and functionality. The floor lamp incorporates a bold contemporary into its design to ensure that you have more than just lights in your darkroom. When switched on, the bright lights provided by the 9 watts bulbs give your dark room a beautiful illumination.

During the day, the majestic lamp towers above most of the décor while also blending into beautifully in the background. The lamp uses a socket switch and weighs 8.6 pounds, making it one of the lightest floor lamps in this category.

While exclusively designed for indoor use, the lamp is very mobile. You can transfer to the bedroom, living room, a dark corner, corridor, or even the den. Just unplug it from the socket and carry it to the desired location. The lamp combines both metal and fabric to significant effect. The contemporary style is accentuated by the three legs steadily joined together for greater stability. The package comes complete with a bulb for convenience.

Brightech Jacob – LED Reading and Floor Lamp

Brightech Jacob - LED Reading and Floor Lamp
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One of the challenges of lighting up a dark room is finding a floor lamp the blends with different types of decor while also providing different light focal points. And this is what Brightech Jacob – LED Reading and Floor Lamp offers.

With three alternating lamps attached to the stem-like plant leaves, the lamp is a masterpiece ingenuity. The three LED lamps provide 2,400 lumens of cool, warm, and super bright light that brighten even the darkest of rooms. The three light bulbs have an omnidirectional functionality giving you downward and upward lighting options.

You can turn them to face different walls to give your room a dazzling touch of bright light. The lamp comes with an antique brass finish for the ultimate decorative and lighting experience. With a wattage of 9.5 watts, the floor lamp comes complete three high-power, energy-saving LED lumen bulbs with a luminous flux of 2,400 and a working lifespan of 20,000 hours.

The toggle switch and dimmable brightness allows you to customize the tone and light intensity within the room. Brightech Jacob – LED Floor Lamp gives you value for money with its unique user-friendly features.

Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp
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Humans are creatures of comfort who readily settle for stylish and versatile products that accentuate the beauty of their surroundings. In Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp, you have a floor lamp that ticks all these boxes.

One of the few arc floor lamps in this category, the lamp is designed for functionality versatility and sleekness. The 2,000 lumens of the LED lights provide super brightness, cool and stylish lighting that easily brightens dark corridors and rooms.

The dimmable lights allow homeowners to use the lamp in well-lit areas without worrying if it blends with the natural ambiance of the space. The gentle lighting is particularly suitable for the eyes because they don’t have a glaring effect. With LED bulbs that can last up to 20 years and up to three years of manufacturer’s warranty, the lamp is a symbol of confidence, durability, and elegance.

It has a wattage of 15 and a slim, minimalist frame. You easily place the lamp in the middle of the room without interfering with the rest of the decorations or cluttering the space. Weighing just over 7 pounds, the lamp is ideal for both the home office and the living room.

Brightech Eclipse Floor Lamp

Brightech Eclipse Floor Lamp
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One of the most creative floor lamps in the market, Brightech Eclipse, is the perfect match for dark rooms that require more than just brightening. The floor is a masterpiece of creativity and can easily pass as a piece of art standing majestically at some corner of the room.

A torchiere lamp with adjustable LED rings, the lamp has an artistic and modernity aura that sets it apart from the rest of the floor lamps in this category. An upward light, the lamp uses super bright LED lights that produce a multidirectional cool illumination. The LED uses energy efficiently can last for up to 20 years.

The minimalist style is achieved by two lockable eclipse rings that shine bright when the lamp is switched on. Adjustable, these rings are the centerpieces of this lamp. The brightness of the eclipse rings can be dimmed according to your taste and preference. Brightech Eclipse comes with a sturdy base and a long electric cord. The lamp comes with 3-year warranty and a gently glowing bulb.

Brightech Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp

In a fast-paced world where technologies are constantly evolving, finding a floor lamp that keeps up modern technologies such as USB chargers can be a daunting task. Yet this is what the designers of Brightech Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp.

The lamp comes complete with a USB charger that allows you to charge your phone as you bask in the gentle glow of its bulbs or reading your favorite book. For greater convenience, the lamp has numerous shelves that can hold those lovely family photos, decors, books, bags, or just your phone as you charge it.

To underscore its status as a decorative floor lamp, the electric cord is tucked away at the back of the support rods using plastic clamps. The lampshade and the support rods are decorated with simple lines, allowing the lamp seamlessly blend with the rest of the decors. The long-lasting LED lights provide powerful lighting that is gentle to the eyes.

Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp

Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp
  • Stylish & Multifunctional This space-saving étagère shelf floor lamp features...
  • Assembled Dimensions: 14" L x 14" W x 58" H. Beige linen round drum shade,...
  • Power Info: Convenient 3-way rotary switch on the socket and black 60" power...

Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp is an Étagère shelf, a multipurpose floor lamp that can double as a shelf. The lamp is a manifestation of thoughtfulness in design as it combines style and functionality to give your dark room vibrant, contemporary vibe.

It comes with a 3-way rotary switch and a 3-style dimming option for the convenience of use. If you are a technology enthusiast, this lamp was specifically designed with you in mind. This is because, with a few dollars, you can connect the lamp to any of the smart devices and apps and control your lighting from your mobile phone.

Easy to assemble, the lamp uses LED lighting technology for the ultimate lighting experience. Weighing just over 7 pounds, the lamp is light yet sturdy due to its solid base. Currently retailing at a pocket-friendly price, the Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp is one of the best bargains buys in the market. Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp

Factors to Consider

Existing décor: Before setting out to purchase a floor lamp for your dark room, take time to figure out how it will blend in with the existing decors of your house. A bright floor lamp with a unique style that does not blend you’re your decors becomes an eyesore. Always consider the overhead lights, wall colors, and curtains before spending on a floor lamp.

Location: Some floor lamps are tall and may not fit into cramp spaces. In some cases, a short but elegant floor lamp would not properly light up your high-ceiling and the large dark room even if the LED lights are powerful. Ensure that the height of the lamp matches the space for even distribution of light. Moreover, some floor lamps perfectly fit in specific rooms such as bedrooms or the den. If unsure, go for functionally versatile lamps that can function in any space in the house.

Have a flexible budget: Walking around shopping for a floor lamp without budgeting first is a recipe for impulse buying or ending up with the wrong lamp. Look at quotes from different retailers and compare their prices and products. Use the information to come up with a flexible budget.

Always know what you need: Scouring the Internet and adding an elegant floor lamp purely based impulses will only leave with an oddly fitting lamp in your house. Take time to figure out which lamp with perfectly match the lighting needs in your dark room. Sometimes you may need the expertise of a professional to help you towards identifying your needs.

Ask for referrals: The Internet is awash with retailers out to make a quick kill. Such retailers would readily sell you a substandard lamp or a cheap knockoff of some of the leading floor lamp brands at half price. However, your lamp will crumble within days and without any option of seeking refunds. Therefore, ask for your friends and colleagues to give you referrals.


Floor lamps come in majestic and sleek designs. Some of these lamps are multifunctional and come with user-friendly features such as shelves. Finding the best floor lamp for your dark room is the product of careful considerations of the available lamps, working with a budget, and asking for referrals.

For the ultimate lighting experience, go for floor lamps with elegant and stylish finishes that easily blend with your decors. Such lamps add to the aesthetics of your rooms while also accentuating the natural ambiance of your home. Lamps with gentle yet powerful lights are ideal for dark rooms because they offer a beautiful contrast.


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