Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps for Eyestrain

Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps for Eyestrain

Looking for the best Eyestrain and Fatigue Reduction?

Protect your eyes by producing the least amount of radiation possible. The first goal is to be to avoid any florescent lightbulbs – although tubes are safer than compact fluorescent lights (CFL). Incandescent are the most traditional bulbs. With that in mind, it’s very hard to find these types of bulbs since LED is far more affordable, brighter, and energy-efficient!

For those of you are trying to participate in the always popular go-green initiative, and save energy, traditional light bulbs aren’t the best way to go. Naturally if you are motivated by saving as much energy as possible, the fluorescent bulbs would make that goal a reality.

For this reason, we will be discussing the best lamps using the top recommended light bulbs for protecting both your eyes, and skin! The lamps featured here will mainly be equipped with a built-in LED’s, or a replaceable bulb where the lamp may use safe bulbs: LED, Halogen, or Traditional Incandescent bulbs.

TaoTronics – DL – 13

TaoTronics – DL – 13
  • Wonderfully Gentle on the Eyes: Shines a flicker-free light that brightens your…
  • Endless Lighting Possibilities: Create the perfect ambience with our LED desk…
  • Functional USB charging port: Don’t sacrifice charging for lighting – built-in…

Eye-care technology makes the TaoTronic DL-13 stand out. With TaoTronics you will get superb quality at an always affordable price. Being partnered with Philips for the EnabLED Licensing Programing allows them to seize opportunities to use new lighting technologies in the LED field. An always quickly changing technological field.  Integrated in the hard-hitting compact package TaoTronics specializes in.

What’s awesome about this line up is this particular variant is it’s the highest rated, and best-selling! Maximizing eye caring technology by offering 5 lighting modes, and 7 brightness levels, with 3 adjustable areas you will find this to be one of the more versatile lights. It even includes flicker-free lighting and a modern touch design.

Topping it off a USB charging port in a compact lamp. It’s hard to refuse that this may be the most wanted lamp today. With it only using 12-watts of energy you will be thoroughly impressed. It has a one-year warranty, so you can trust that it’s a quality product. TaoTronics, Technology to enhance life!

Gerintech – LED Desk Lamp

When it comes to Gerintech, they do not skip on quality or features. While maintaining the integrity of an attractive design. The Gerintech has a charge USB Port, for smartphone or tablets and other smart devices. An amazing add-on feature is the 256 RGB Colorful spectrum ring on the base on this lamp!

Not only does that give you the ability to pick your favorite color but it makes a great gift for kids as a night light! It has a discrete LED 3-way display, displaying the date, current time, and temperature of room!

The touch base makes operating the lamp a breeze, and has a way to turn off the clock display for an even more sleek appearance. You’ll find the main LED Light has an option of 3 different light levels and 3 brightness levels. all with eye-care and eye-strain reduction in mind!

This is adjustable in two areas, 180 degrees on the foldable head, and 340 degrees axis rotation. The color temperate ranges from 2,800 – a natural soft yellow, to 5500k, a natural daylight white! It is lightweight an ideal space saver.

Lite Source – Halotech

Lite Source – Halotech
  • Space-saving desk lamp provides effective task light for at home or at the…
  • 4-inch metal shade tilts for directing light as needed; contemporary style
  • Black-matte finish; counterbalance for adjusting the arm; weighted base

Lite Source will be the only light source you need! Halotech is beautiful, integrating a traditional, rustic, modern design into a great functioning desk lamp.

We love the height, and thin framing design which adds style to any area. Without interrupting routines by taking up space. The adjustable metal shade is perfect for directing light.

Counterbalance allows for easy adjusting of the arm, with a weighed base creates for a satisfyingly stable lamp. With the included replaceable 8-Watt LED Bulb which can be upgraded to a 6000k LED bulb with more white lighting.

Thanks to LED the Halotech uses barely any energy and produces no heat. All while reducing eye fatigue and strain. You can expect you won’t have drooping over time from a weak counterbalancing system or cheap materials!

The Lite Source desk lamp from the Halotech Collection is unbeatable and makes the competition work for it. A must-have! It’s sturdy, produces great safe light, and blends with any style! This one is good-to-go right out of the box, stay away from the mimics or the copy cats! Get the best from the best!

360 Lighting – Flynn

360 Lighting – Flynn
  • Adjustable to 25″ high. Lamp head is 12″ wide x 3″ deep. Arm segments are 10″…
  • 8 watt built-in LED with 4-light levels. 780 lumens. 4000K color temp. CRI 82….
  • Built-in type 1.0-A USB port in the base for charging phones and electronic…

360 Lighting introduces a great LED Desk Lamp. The 8-Watt LED is beautifully crisp, it is bright, and it produces no heat or UV rays that would harm your eyes.

The Flynn by 360 Lighting can be adjusted up to 25-inches high! With the lamp head providing superior lighting from a 12-inch wide and 3-inch deep head. The LED offers an amazing 4000K Color temperature. A much cooler whiter color than what you will see with 2700K or 3000K. Usually you’ll see the same light quality from 4000K in offices, waiting areas, and most commercial applications.

Allowing the ability to change between 4-Light levels to ensure the quality of brightness is aligning with your needs. Giving a kickstand pocket for a phone and USB-Charge port built right into the base of the stand, gives that extra punch making this a thrilling competitor for the best desk lamp.

Using aluminum in the design, this lamp comes sturdy, durable, and being light-weight and stable on my desk. The adjustable head swivels greatly in a 4-directional axis, allows for quite a bit of movement as well, up, down, left or right, at about 180 degrees or more!

This can be placed high on a shelf; it has a nice 6-foot-long power cord! With the max height you’ll have no issue fitting the lamp behind and over dual screens.

With that being said, the one common complaint is the thin cord.

Ravenna Home – Banker Desk Lamp

Ravenna Home – Banker Desk Lamp
  • 9.75″W x 10.25″D x 16″H
  • Metal banker’s lamp with a brushed-nickel finish; adjustable frosted white glass…
  • Sturdy metal construction with an adjustable glass shade for a traditional yet…

Step back in time, without sacrificing any beauty with the retro classic style banker lamp. With its brushed nickel, it will add value and professionalism to any situation. Guest will feel invited to use the easy-to-pull draw string.

Elegantly manufactured, Ravenna Home’s line up generally support replaceable bulbs while recommending a LED bulb. You’ll find the same standard here.

Crafting fine furniture that should last, and using a timeless style, you may end up never wanting to replace this lamp. It accents and highlights any home office desk; it’s very well made and designed to last. Maintaining its great look year after year!

It may not offer the hi-tech features like the previous top models, but will we still use USB in 20 years?

This lamp is easy to put together, and has an amazing quality to it.

Adesso – Esquire (Smart Outlet)

Adesso – Esquire (Smart Outlet)
  • Attributed to the classic banker’s lamp, that is modernized with a brushed…
  • Adjusts from 13-Inch to 19-Inch height and 9-Inch to 19-Inch depth atop a…
  • The LEDs simulate natural daylight for a brighter, glare-free light resulting in…

Similar to the Ravenna Home Banker Lamp, there’s the Adesso Esquire. A tribute to a classic, comes a re-designed modernization of a very successful style already, and mastering it well. It has a beautiful and minimalist light-weight design.

Its brushed steel finish, and the full-spectrum 9-Watt LED light source. It not only mimics natural light, but provides the full spectrum of light provided by the sun!

This bulb isn’t replaceable, but it is estimated to last 50,000 hours, at 6 hours a day – which will last you more than 20 years. The Adesso Esquire can even help grow plants due to its enriching full-spectrum LED lights, and they also produce no heat. No more wasted Air-Conditioning or over-heating the bulb.

Adesso’s Esquire is smart outlet compatible. Making it able to be controlled through Alexa or Google to be turned on or off. The Esquire comes with a full-range rotary dimmer switch, allowing you to control the light and enjoy a pleasant quality of life.

This simple sleek design is light-weight and will fit anywhere. The adjustable shade will assist in controlling light-direction. This will fit especially over a writer’s laptop being able to be adjusted to a maximum of 19-inches in height. A must-have for any writer or individual who does lots of tedious work on a computer.

Designed in the USA, including light settings between a beautiful reading warm 2700k, all the way to 5,000K daylight white makes Adesso’s Esquire the big competitor in this Top 10.

BenQ – Gold Genie

BenQ – Gold Genie
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head and…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

BenQ is the first in creating a unique style that can be represented as being, ‘The’ desk lamp for computer monitors, giving you superb eye-care! Alleviating eye fatigue allowing you to complete work faster and better. Accomplishing this all without losing focus due to eye-stress or headaches.

The BenQ Gold Genie is great for using on the dining table for e-readers or studying. Features a setting for the bedroom or when doing make-up in the bathroom. Gold Genie was engineered with commercial work in mind, production will be much more relaxing to maintain with the reduction on your eyes.

They designed for gamers as well, not just for a graphical artist or the programmers. Equipped with advanced technology to display light through a cleverly inverted lens, lighting 35 inches of area easily with minimal effort. Making for eye-safety a priority by providing adjustable color temperatures like warm or cool shades of light. Similar to the same you may find on a television. It easily allows you to set different brightness levels.

The Gold Genie won’t produce a glare or annoying flickering which could distract you. Using a sensor to detect ambient brightness from other lights or the sun, BenQ Gold Genie cleverly dims and dynamically adjust the brightness level for the current work conditions.

Hi-Tech touch controls allow for ease of use and no hassle operation of the best lamp you will have. A must-have for any modern connected workspace or game room, this is the perfect ideal lamp. Introducing both style and Innovation.

With an expected lifespan of 17 years at 6 hours of use a day, this is a steal! You’ll find that this lamp excels in every way compared to the competition and offers no regrets in purchasing it. BenQ is a highly rated company that also produces computer monitors for today’s newest applications and technologies.

BenQ – Swing Arm Gold Genie

BenQ – Swing Arm Gold Genie
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head,…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

Another BenQ Gold Genie Variant… this one is the upgraded version offering a swing arm, which is full adjustable. And articulated to enable the lamp to be positioned in any or every impractical way. Making the versatility of the BenQ Gold Genie worth noting twice.

This new innovative design allows the Gold Genie to be one-step-ahead of the competition. Offering the same weighted steel base for sturdy placement. That wide reach allows the gold genie to then take advantage of its swing arm feature. Making this perfect for anyone who needs a well-lit light that protects the eyes and can work with unique positions.

We’ve found that holding the control ring for 2 seconds made the lamp detect outside light and dim brightness automatically. You can expect all the same features in the other Gold Genie. Don’t pass up either of the two.

Adesso Maxine – LED Desk Lamp

Adesso Maxine – LED Desk Lamp
  • Decor Table Lamp: The Maxine AdessoCharge Table Lamp is a mid-century modern…
  • Modern Lamp: A USB is located on the base and can charge up a second device…
  • Modern Design: Elevate your home décor with tech savvy lighting fixtures from…

We couldn’t help but include two Adessos’ lamps in this list. While the first is a practical buy, it didn’t offer all the technology we are used to from this company. We couldn’t help but include the Maxine once we discovered it!

The lamp gives a real Victorian and professional feel. While not skipping a beat on the necessity of additional features due to our busy lifestyles. Jam packed with Qi Wireless Charging, Eye protective LED technology. It produces no heat and saves a great deal of energy.

Using a 7-watt LED the brightness of this lamp is unbelievable. With the added bonus of USB-Charging, it’s hard to turn away from the Adesso Maxine. To complete the high-status appeal, it has a gold trimmed rotary switch, beautifully integrated into the design. Kick butt in today’s world with a lamp that influences style!

Softech – LED Desk Lamp

Softech – LED Desk Lamp
  • Provides natural, non-flickering light for stress free productivity and…
  • 4 Light Spectrum Modes: Reading, Study, Relaxation, and Bedtime to suite any…
  • 4 Step Brightness Control in each mode, allowing adjustment for best comfort and…

Natural white light helps protect the eyes from harsh glares, or harsh UV Rays released by certain bulbs. Going an extra mile to protect your eyes and provide the most eye care is the Softech, sounds a bit like optic when pronounced, and definitely does what its name attempt to imply.

To start, it offers a quick charge USB-Charging port, and has a easy to follow guided touch control panel. Allowing you to adjust between 4 light modes, and 4 brightness levels. Softech made sure you would have no flickering light for stress free productivity.

This lamp is a small size for easy placement. Sleek in design to blend with any attire or décor. Coming with the confidence of a 2-year warranty this may be one of the best lamps you can get today.

Did we mention it even includes a massive color rendering index of 90? Offering some of the best eye strain reduction today. Featuring lighting softness from 2300K to 7000K. Giving you the ability to have a bedtime mode, relaxation mode, study, and productivity mode.

What to look for When it Comes to Eye-Strain

Choosing an ideal lamp for eye-heath and eye-strain reduction is no easy feat. It can be so easy to find a light that claims it is eye-caring, but produces barely any light. Or advertises it uses one material but uses another, you’ll see this a lot with the tiffany style lamps.

Here’s some quick tips to help you always get the highest quality, lowest UV radiation producing lamp, that will meet your style needs to impress your neighbors and relatives with. Or just simply to impress yourself with!

  • While touching on the subject with the tiffany lamps, it can be so hard to avoid any styled lamp self-proclaiming itself as hand rolled glass and find what arrives is no more than cheap plastic. If you can find a review specifically commenting on the glass, avoid it.
  • USB Charging is great, but you want to be careful with cheap products that are trying to offer the same, you may be paying for a marketing gimmick. This can be especially true on lamps that offer Wireless Charging but do not specify if its Qi, which is needed for smart devices.
  • Brighter isn’t always better, if a Light seems to offer too much, it probably is, try to stay from too good to be true products.
  • Finally, whatever you do, keep your desk color in mind, or whatever you plan to put the lamp on, it’s good to have it match your furniture or other appliances.

Our Number One Recommended Desk Lamp for Eye-Strain

Hands down the BenQ is the best lamp you can get. It may not offer crazy charging capabilities, but it offers crazy lighting abilities, and that puts it in a league all of its own. You cannot find a more superb lamp. The compliments we receive in the office really shows you have good taste. It serves as an appliance not just a novelty item, which is so important. You shouldn’t choose form over function, and when protecting eyes and provided non-contestable lighting technology, it’s near extremely difficult to appreciate another lamp as much as the BenQ’s line up! The Adesso Esquire easily takes second place!

BenQ – Gold Genie
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head and…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

Did you find your next Best Desk Lamp for Eye Comfort?

Using old fashioned light bulbs or anything but halogen or LED is not recommended. When it comes to your eye-safety, take it seriously. That’s why we provided you with the top 10 Best Options for a desk lamp for eyestrain and eye care technologies. The recommendations for these lamps come well earned. For anyone the best is all you deserve, enjoy the day, and bask in the natural light produced by any one of these lamps at night!


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