Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps for College

Top College Lamps

There’s a time and place for everything…. that’s college.

Being a student can make studying difficult, you don’t want to keep your roommates up with an exorbitantly bright light. Nor can you hope to make any academic progress with just a night light. Here we have listed the Top 10 Best Desk Lamps for College or any student.

We have lamps suiting all categories from task lamps, utility study lamps, and architect lamps, all of which will be perfect for any study or dorm room. And if you are sharing a room will be gentle enough to not disturb your partner or roommates. Yet strong enough to allow you to power through any homework or project that’s nearing its deadline.

You’ll find the perfect lamp for all your needs here. Only the highest rated models will be listed here.

PHIVE – LED Task Lamp

PHIVE – LED Task Lamp
  • Ultra Wide: 31.5-inch super wide LED light bar, delivers 200% wider and larger…
  • Built for Multitask: Integrated 20W high quality LED, exclusively built for…
  • Durable Gooseneck: Universal gooseneck brings flexible height adjustment and…

PHIVE has proven to be a very reputable company offering the latest technology in sleek compact packages that are desired today. With great quality, design and craftsmanship being focused into all of their product line-ups. They take all the worry out of buying quality for you.

This PHIVE LED Task Lamp provides the light I need when I need to draft or demonstrate quality designs. Thanks’ to the office setting light it offers, you can make sure when you present in an office setting, it will be identical to what you were observing in your own study room.

Versatile lamp for any desk, coming with more gentle color modes a total of four, and five different brightness settings you can make sure you don’t disturb anyone or your eyes with this amazing light. Light-weight material helps with movability and flexibility.

The wide lamp illuminates the entire desk with the latest in LED Technology. Aside from the advance light modes, you can adjust the direction of the light with the flexible gooseneck allowing you to create a more reflective ambient light towards the back, instead of directly on the desk.

OTUS Architect Task Lamp

OTUS Architect Task Lamp
  • SUPERIOR LIGHTING MODES – Dimmable stepless brightness and 5 color temperature…
  • MULTITASK BRIGHT DESK LAMP – Powerful 12W LED Light and tall sleek clamping lamp…
  • DURABLE & ADJUSTABLE – Articulating Metal Swing Arms, multi joint rotatable body…

OTUS has become quite a popular brand producing reliable lamps for all situations. For good reason they maintain a modern sleek space saving design with great versatility.

The architect task lamp comes equipped with a swing arm allowing for great movability and stability when completing task that require a light that functions in this manner. OTUS takes eye-care very seriously. Perfect for when you need to work for hours on end or study. You don’t want to have your eyes becoming irritated. Instead you can make your lamp produce a more relaxing light.

Coming with a powerful bright 12-watt LED, you will have massive light coverage across any surface. Even a large work bench. With the Anti-Blue Light, you won’t see any high-energy, protects from fatigue, insomnia or everyday eye strain.

With ease-of-use in mind, a remote allowing for easy control of all levels of brightness is included with this product. The remote is rechargeable, so no need to worry about having batteries on hand.

It easily mounts to any desk which is a must in today’s age. You’ll find the OTUS Lamps meet every expectation you may possibly think of. This lamp feels as if it was designed by architects themselves.

360 Lighting – Flynn

360 Lighting – Flynn
  • Adjustable to 25″ high. Lamp head is 12″ wide x 3″ deep. Arm segments are 10″…
  • 8 watt built-in LED with 4-light levels. 780 lumens. 4000K color temp. CRI 82….
  • Built-in type 1.0-A USB port in the base for charging phones and electronic…

This modern sleek compact task lamp is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered by clamps, and just want’s a base the lamp sits on. 360 Lighting is becoming one of the best manufacturers for any lighting product you need.

Including a super bright 8-watt LED, it beautifully lights any surface without any dark spots. It produces no heat, which is important when trying to save on energy. There’s no UV Rays to harm your eyes, so you can stay studying longer without feeling tired.

This lamp can be adjusted up to 25-inches high. With superior lighting it will illuminate your entire work area. With its natural bright light ranging from 2700K to 4000K you won’t have any issues seeing what you are doing.

This lamp is perfect for any professional setting, and with its office-like light makes what you see accurate to what you would present. Busy students need gadgets that help them stay efficient, and this lamp has a USB Charge port for keeping your devices charged especially if you are using them for research.

Equipped with a long 6-foot light-weight cord you can easily snake the cord around anything without it causing too much commotion. This will be the last desk lamp you need.

PHIVE Side-Clamp Architect Light

PHIVE Side-Clamp Architect Light
  • Protect Eyes – Close to daylight illumination, diffusion panel emitting soft…
  • Stepless Dimming – Memory of brightness, free to adjust and easy to keep…
  • Highly Adjustable – 180°swivel lamp head,16.3+16.3 inches adjustable metal arm,…

PHIVE is creating some of the most useful lamps for studying, reading, and drafting. Easily one of the best brands for student lamps right now.

The PHIVE Architect Task Lamp, offers an innovative swing-arm system, using high quality materials to create a durable long-lasting product. It is necessary for any student to have an LED Lamp; but not just any LED to also have eye-care goals to achieve in the design. The PHIVE brand line-up’s do this superbly, reducing eye fatigue, and stress on the eyes.

Offering reliable touch control, with its highly adjustable design you’ll find every need accomplished with this lamp. While it may not have a remote control as the other version, it offers an amazing versatile positioning system to compensate for the lack of ease-of-use. This is made to clamp to a desk but can have a base purchased separately as well.

The PHIVE Architect Lamp is one of the most highly rated lamps today.

360 Lighting – Traditional Architect Lamp

360 Lighting – Traditional Architect Lamp
  • Brushed steel finish.
  • Takes one 100 watt bulb (not included).
  • Maximum arm extension of 21″ high.

360 Lighting doesn’t disappoint with this high-quality traditional style desk lamp. It offers a clamp base system, allowing you to maximize the space on your desk. With an adjustable head and spring arm, you will find this to be one of the more stylish lamps; offering compatibility with multiple lights, so you can get what you need for your job. And to protect your eyes it uses the highly recommended LED bulbs. Specifically, this lamp uses size A21 Bulbs, which are universal and easy to find.

This lamp is incredibly versatile and is an overall on the higher quality side of things.

H JSHENLY – Designer Lamp

H JSHENLY – Designer Lamp
  • 【A ELEGANT LAMP】this swing arm led table lamp prefer for a designer, painter…
  • 【THREE KINDS OF LIGHT】the desk lamp can remote control, feel free to switch…
  • 【FREE ROTATION】360° swivel lamp head,13.7+13.7+12.2 inches adjustable metal…

This modern Architect Task Lamp is unbelievable and looks extremely nice on any desk. In addition, wow. It has a very unique and innovative locking system in its swing arms, which allows you to adjust them vertical and flat to maximize even more desk potential.

Offering three versatile light modes, a soft yellow so you can work late at night, a neutral daylight for adjusting your eyes when you first wake up, and a bright white allow you to maximize the details in any drawing.

Offering the latest in eye strain relief technology so you can complete the task at hand without being forced to waste time on other things while your eyes rest. The H JSHENLY has a remarkable design, with a beautiful modern look.

The aluminum allows the lamp to stay light weight and compact. The clamp is super strong as well, so you won’t worry about breaking anything just simply setting it up. The lamp doesn’t come with a manual, to change light color modes press the power button 2, 3 or four times to switch between the modes.

360 Lighting – Swing Arm Lamp

360 Lighting – Swing Arm Lamp
  • 13″ high overall. Top arm is 16 1/2″ long. Maximum extension of 24″. Base is 7″…
  • 6 watt built-in LED array has a light output comparable to a 40 watt…
  • Modern LED desk lamp. Adjustable 360 degree swivel swing arm.

While we don’t mean to showcase just one brand three times, it’s hard to overlook the fact that 360 Lighting is trying to meet everyone’s needs with full 360-degree coverage.

Adding a simplistic, streamlined design that will be a popular addition to your house. It stands 13 inches high perfect for the top shelf of any desk. Has a maximum extension with its simple swing arm of 2 feet. The 360 Lighting Swing Arm lamp gives you a beautiful 6-Watt LED, maximizing energy efficacy and still delivering an amazing high-quality light, without sacrificing any brightness. Using a traditional on/off rocker switch seen on the back of desktop computers.

With a bright 450 lumens and 3000K Natural neutral light you won’t disturb anyone sleeping, and you will be able to complete any assignment. Great for artwork, or arts & crafts. With a quick-charge 2A USB-Charger and an additional AC Power it makes a great addition to any desk. Beautiful brushed nickel finish, with a white acrylic diffuser giving this a modern look that blends with any décor.

TaoTronics – DL38

TaoTronics – DL38
  • Note:① Please remove all metal cases and metal or magnetic objects from the…
  • Qi-Enabled Wireless Fast Charge & Wide Compatibility: Qi-Enabled Fast Wireless…
  • 5 modes & 7 brightness levels: adjust the light of the wireless charging lamp to…

Soon to be the biggest brand in lamps, we have a product from TaoTronics; and it’s one amazing light. TaoTronics has been innovating features in lamps, similar to what Apple was doing when they still had Steve Jobs.

This LED Desk Lamp is no exception, offering the beautiful lighting that’s come to be expected with this company. You’re able to set the optimal brightness and color modes for comfortability. Which in today busy age with long hours at a computer or staring at paper is a necessity, not a just a feature.

Make sure you don’t have to juggle numerous devices spending money that can otherwise be used towards books. The DL38 uses Qi-Wireless Charging, borrowing the RAVPower HyperAir technology to fast charge iPhones and Samsung devices, 7.5 and 10-Watt respectively.

Using the practical night light mode will dim the light so you can work better at night reducing fatigue and saving valuable power. It utilizes a super bright 12-Watt LED Panel. It does also offer a USB Charging port for phones that may not offer wireless charging.

BenQ – Silver Genie

BenQ – Silver Genie
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head and…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

BenQ is the first in creating a unique style that can be represented as being, the desk lamp for computer monitors, giving you superb eye-care. Alleviating eye fatigue allows you to complete work faster and better. Accomplishing this all without losing focus due to eye-stress or headaches.

The BenQ Silver Genie is great for using on the dining table, for e-readers, or studying. Features a setting great for the bedroom or when doing make-up in the bathroom. Silver Genie was engineered with commercial work in mind.

They had it designed for gamers as well, not just for a graphical artist or computer programmers. Equipped with advanced technology to display light through a cleverly inverted lens, lighting 35 inches of area easily with minimal effort. Making eye-safety a priority by providing adjustable color temperatures like warm or cool shades of light. Similar to the same you may find on a television. Allowing you to set different brightness levels.

The Silver Genie won’t produce a glare or annoying flickering which would distract you. Using a sensor to detect ambient brightness from other lights or the sun, BenQ Silver Genie cleverly dims and dynamically adjust the brightness level for the current work conditions.

Hi-Tech touch controls allow for ease of use and no hassle operation of the best lamp you will have. Must-Have for any modern connected workspace or game room, this is the perfect ideal lamp. Introducing style and Innovation.

With an expected lifespan of 17 years at 6 hours of use a day, this is a steal. You’ll find that this lamp excels in every way compared to the. BenQ is a well rated company that also produces computer monitors for today’s newest applications and technologies.

Neafti XL

Neafti XL
  • 2,200 LUMENS BRIGHT & 20” WIDE SHADE – An excellent light source with 24…
  • DIMMABLE & LONG LASTING – Simply press the power button to adjust the…
  • STYLISH CLAMP ON LAMP – This LED lamp with clamp has a cool stylish design,…

Neafti XL excels, the XL may stand for Xtra-Light. The Neafti XL is very well lit, an impressive 24-Watt large super bright lamp head. All the brightness levels you would expect from a top competing company. With inspired eye-care technology you will not experience any fatigue or annoyance from this lamp when studying or working on any tedious hard task or assignment.

Neafti XL is designed with the modern space saving desk clamp, it is extremely well made and durable. Its impressive design blows me away, and blows the competition out of the water. This lamp may have the crispest white light on the market.

With the innovation put into the lamp it also has the desperately needed swing-arm technology making placing and adjusting this lamp a breeze it won’t get in the way and it won’t leave you with dark spots. At 2,200 lumens it’s insane you can get such an impressive lamp at such a value.

Assembled with 32-Inch arms with insane reach. Possibly the most stylish clamp-on lamp with a beautiful white matte color. Neafti is a company you can trust; they have faith in them self’s as well including an impressive 3-year warranty. With a promise like that we can confidently recommend this lamp to you.

Tips on Finding the Best Desk Lamps

After browsing all these lamps surely you have some questions on what you want, do you want a simple lamp or a lamp with flare and functionality, here are some of the best tips we could think of to help you impress all your friends and yourself without worry about wasting time or hard earned funds. With these tips you will only get an appliance worth the investment.

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, but nor does materials to create quality appliances. Whatever your budget always make sure you are trying to go for products with more metal than plastic. While expensive plastics can be strong and durable, they are no match to high quality metal.
  • With a desk that offers a higher shelf or a pocket type desk that allows you to set a computer screen under a shelf, a more compact desk lamp would be the best to maximize lighting with the already provided height advantage, without having to spend more for the cost of swing arms or task lamps.
  • Always check out the reviews, only shoot in the dark on products with no reviews if you are familiar and trust the quality of the product that you have experience with first-hand.

This is the Best Desk Lamp you will get, ever. Period.

The BenQ series Genie Lamps are the best lamps on the market today. There’s no beating them and with their quality computer products like display monitors and televisions. You know you are going to get a competitively priced product, with competitive quality assuring you get the best. Hitting all the key function needed from a lamp.

Sure, it doesn’t have special charging capabilities, but it definitely leaves my friends jealous with its unrivaled design, and light production.

BenQ – Silver Genie
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head and…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

The best time to invest in your future is college.

Our hope is with these reviews you not only managed to become more familiar with the technology and new adaptions and formats for lights. To save space and utilize far more movement and accurate light direction as to not disturb anyone near you. But also become more familiar with the terminology these products use to market themselves.


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