Full Review: Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp

Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp

Are you suffering from seasonal depression, lethargy, or acne? Many people rely on over the counter medicine to solve these issues but there’s a natural way to end them once and for all. It’s affordable, only takes 30 minutes per day, and has fast results.

Don’t believe me? Well, let me introduce you to light therapy. It’s a proven approach to improving skin conditions, sleep, and more by stimulating the brain with specific light wavelengths. And, the Aura Day light therapy lamp will help you get the results you want. Ahead we’ll be reviewing its cost, light quality, and more.

Box Contents

Aura Day makes light therapy simple. The product box is sleek and features a carrying handle if you ever want to repackage it for easy carrying. It’s sturdy and has a compact size for storing. Upon opening it, we find three things.

The first is the lamp itself and the futuristic design will impress you as soon as you take it out. Setting that aside, Aura Day also includes a set of screws as this lamp features a wall mount which we’ll touch upon later.

Lastly you’ll find a user guide in the box. This covers information such as best practices, safety measures, and benefits of the light therapy lamp. Give it a quick read before you use the lamp to ensure you get the most out of it.

Light Intensity

The Aura Day therapy lamp emits a 10,000 lux clinical strength light. It will help you when you feel down, can’t sleep, or want better looking skin. This is one of the highest levels of light intensity you can get and takes as little as 10 minutes to be effective.

But, not everyone needs or wants such intensity. That’s why you’ll appreciate the patented lux dial. It allows you to change the lux level from 3,500 to 10,000. Lower levels stimulate melatonin if you want a sleep aid while higher levels of lux stimulate serotonin, the feel-good chemical.

LED vs Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The light bulb that you place into a light therapy lamp has an effect on how it makes you feel. This is because it changes how it emits light. The two most commonly recommended types are LED and fluorescent. Seeing as you will eventually need to replace your bulb, this is good knowledge to have.

In recent years, it’s been proven that LED light bulbs are just as effective as traditional bulbs placed in therapy lamps. LED also has many other perks, including:
They are very energy efficient and will use less electricity over time
They offer the same power even as it ages
Less heat emits from them, making it a safer choice

What about fluorescent bulbs? You’ll find some therapy lamps on the market include them. They are traditionally:

  • More affordable and cheaper to make
  • Easier to replace

But, there are some drawbacks. Fluorescent light bulbs can contain mercury which is a health hazard, especially if they are to be broken accidentally. As well, they lose their brightness gradually, unlike LED.

If you’re on a budget, opt for fluorescent replacement bulbs but be careful with them. Otherwise, you’ll find that LED is the right choice.

Light Quality

Light therapy has its drawbacks. It can be tough on the eyes, result in headaches, and makes some people dizzy. And that’s why Aura Day added a dimmer feature to their therapy lamp. Using high quality light bulbs, the light quality itself is very high. It feels nice on your skin and has a relaxing warmth to it.

With something like your health, you can’t take risks. You need to know that you’re using a safe and quality product. Have peace of mind knowing that Aura Day’s light therapy lamp is both ETL and FFC certified. It is 100% UV free, making it a healthy approach to brightening your mood.

Portability, Size and Design

Weighing in at 2.2 lbs, the Aura Day therapy lamp is light as a feather. You can move it around your home, travel with it, bring it to work and you’ll never notice you’re carrying it. On the back there is small hole that serves as a wall mount, and the included set of screws will help you hang it.

If you don’t have room on your desk or table, hang it up on a wall and enjoy having the soothing light hit your skin. The lamp itself is all white with green lights on the front, a grey power hutton, and the control knob on the side. It has a slim silhouette and won’t take up space wherever you place it.

The lamp can also be adjusted to a 85 or 70 degree angle. It’s portable and flexible so you can always set it up perfectly.

It’s 14 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches long. No matter if your home is modern, antique or somewhere in the middle, you’ll find that the Aura Day light therapy lamp has a way of blending in.

Full Spectrum

The Aura Day lamp takes advantage of full spectrum lighting. Think about it like this. Imagine a spectrum where one end has certain benefits and as you move along it, the benefit changes. That’s how the actual light wavelength spectrum works. It begins at infrared and ends at ultraviolet.

Full spectrum lighting means you get all of the benefits at the same time. Everything from better skin to focus and happiness is a few minute away. Some other therapy lamps only emit blue or white light, limiting its effectiveness. You’d normally have to buy extra lenses or lamps themselves. This lamp from Aura Day is all-in-one and will save you money from buying extra products.


A mid range price with high end performance. How do you like the sound of that? Because that’s the perfect way to describe the Aura Day light therapy lamp. With 10,000 lux power, adjustable levels, and a timer, it has features that you would normally see on a $150 or more expensive model.

The Day-Light Classic from Carex Health Brands for example is $15 more but doesn’t include the useful features we just mentioned. You’re essentially spending more to receive less. Similarly, look at the Boxelite from North Lights. It’s almost $200 and doesn’t have a timer or adjustable lux level.

Consider this therapy lamp an investment that will improve your life in the long term. 10 minutes per day compounds and turns into noticable results.


Light plays a huge role in how our mood, sleep, and focus is affected. Lack of sunlight leads to depression, laziness, and other negative symptoms. If you’ve experienced these things during the winter, you know what we’re talking about.

Instead of reaching for the Advil bottle next time, turn on a light therapy lamp. It’s healthier, proven to work, and supported by doctors. Now there are many light therapy lamps on the market. But few come close to the features and effectiveness offered from this model by Aura Day.

The lux level can be adjusted from a medium 3,500 to help you sleep to 10,000 for a huge boost in serotonin. There are no UV rays emitted so you don’t have to worry about skin damage or any health issues, either. To ensure that you get the perfect light therapy session, just turn on one of the timer sessions that range from 10 minutes to an hour.

You can dim the light if you find it too bright or intense, as well. Adjust the angle or mount it on a wall to make your therapy session as convenient as possible. At 2.2 lbs, you’ll have no trouble moving it around and bringing it with you if you enjoy travelling, too.

If you have something like this in your home, you want it look good, right? You don’t want it to clash or become a sore thumb. Luckily it’s slim silhouette and all-white profile is easy on the eyes and won’t attract attention.

Unlike some therapy lamps, this model uses the full spectrum wavelength to offer as many health benefits as possible. The included bulb will last you for a long time and there’s a 2 year warranty on the lamp in case you have any issues.

If you want to say goodbye to the seasonal blues, get a boost in energy, and feel better every day, get this lamp before it’s out of stock.


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