5 Ways to Turn your Kitchen into the Perfect Dining Space

Close up of cabinetry drawers in a new contemporary white kitchen renovation

In the modern world, where the price of property is massive, people often compromise on space. As a result, space crunch is emerging to be a significant problem. 

Most of our “houses” nowadays are one-bedroom apartments. They are compact, light, and airy. They are generally painted white with enough yellow to make the home look spacious. So, you need to cover 60% of the space with primary colors while planning the color palette.

People are getting habituated to living amidst small spaces. So, one room is often made to double up as another. The kitchen, for instance, may double up as the dining space. This is convenient because people don’t need to suffer from the hassle of carrying bowls of food from one room to another.

The distance between the kitchen and the dining room was quite large in old houses. So, it was difficult to carry so much food from here to there. Also, it is difficult to eat while standing in front of the gas or sink. But, it feels relaxing to sit on a chair in the dining room and have some food.

Merging two rooms is important. People have taken the phrase, “The world is a small place,” too. As a result, congestion is becoming the new mantra of the day. Having a house with a separate kitchen and a dining room is expensive but also difficult to maintain. So, the younger generation prefers to have a combination of kitchen and dining room. Yet, this merger must be well-organized.

So, let’s find out how to convert a kitchen to a dining space! The decorative style should be the same in both rooms so that the idea of similarity is upheld.

Five Ways to Turn your Kitchen into the Perfect Dining Space

1. The Parisian Style 

A simple bistro table and two chairs add to the Parisian style. This arrangement is convenient while nibbling on midnight snacks or sipping evening tea. This table may also serve as a partition between the dining room and the kitchen. Not only does it demarcate the areas, but it also utilizes the space. You can connect the dining table to the kitchen island. 

The placement of the furniture is essential to create a sense of space. Otherwise, combining two rooms may give off a sense of clutter. To make a room appear more spacious, it’s better to set up furniture in the corners of the room. You can use one corner of the room for dining room chairs, while using the other corner to place the dining table. Or, you can place picnic-style benches.

The color of the bench should match that of the room. The presence of tables provides more surface area to the kitchen/dining room. 

The small bistro table doesn’t need to be significant. So, it is a good idea to shop online for a bistro table that is small in size. You can accompany it with a bistro chair. The combination of a bistro chair and bistro table creates a heavenly feeling of calm—like your very own French cafe. 

They also occupy less space and are durable. They are incredibly light, so shifting them from a different room to the kitchen/dining room is more comfortable. Since they are weatherproof, there is no chance of their catching damp.

2. Collapsible Dining Space

It is convenient to have a dining space that you can fold up or collapse when you are not using it. A folding or collapsible dining space saves a lot of space. The chefs get more space to move around while cooking some delectable or tasty dish. 

You can store the folding chairs conveniently against the opposite wall of the kitchen. This will be helpful when the hosts have guests or company. When you place the furniture against walls, the room appears more clutter-free. The table should be of light color to draw the attention away from the dark-colored kitchen furniture. 

3. Double Shift 

It is useful to choose furniture that serves dual purposes. You can use a beautiful desk as the table between the kitchen and the dining room. This practice is also more economical.

The kitchen island can also double up as storage space as well as the dining surface. As we multitask in our daily lives, the furniture should also do dual duty. If the counters are set in a U-shape, a lot of free space is available in the middle of the room. Since you can fold it when necessary, there may be more space. 

4. Raise the Bar

A breakfast bar is a perfect solution for a small kitchen/dining room. The more colorful it is, the better it looks. It is healthy to add some flowers to it and natural light to flow in. It adds more storage space as well as counter space. So, it is the perfect way to chill out with a cup of morning coffee. 

The ideal bar height from the floor to the top (without a bar rail) is 42″. This way, the 30″ high bar stool allows the user to sit comfortably in the bar. You can raise it several inches so that the user doesn’t need to view the soiled plates in the sink. 

It is a pleasant sight to place some funky stools around the breakfast bar. The design of the bar counter in the kitchen should be functional. This way, it becomes easier for both rooms to share space.

5. The Cozy Corner

Tiny kitchens have a cozy corner. People who cook spend a substantial part of their time in the kitchen. They need cozy corners. These cozy corners are also known as nooks. They should contain a rocking chair and a designed ottoman. 

The location should be such that sunlight should lightly kiss the furniture. It is ideal for reading newspapers early in the morning while the coffee brews. Alternately, it is the reading corner while a dish is getting heated or cooked over some time. A few throw pillows and lampshades should be used in the cozy corners for the nooks. The throw pillows should be couch friendly and add to the comfort factor. You can place a light overhead or you can place multiple lights. These lights give the impression that they have seamlessly blended into one.

An alternative is to create a bar counter space with a strip of thin wood attached to the kitchen wall. You can use this decoration for a simple kitchen counter. It is also essential to use consistent fabrics in both rooms. Different fabrics may highlight the difference. 

You can place the couch in the cozy nook in a well-planned way. As a result, you can use the backside of the sofa to divide the kitchen from the dining room. The placement of the furniture is crucial.

Additional Pointers To Consider

  • The Color Schemes Of The Kitchen And Dining Space

You can drop any wall that divides the dining room from the kitchen. The elimination of walls helps in the coordination of color, style, and shape. Since both the rooms share the same space, they need to look similar. It is essential to mix and match the shapes. If the kitchen is straight, the dining room may be circular. 

But, if the dining room is square, the kitchen should be semi-circular. As a result, the shape of one room should complement that of another room. The furniture of both the spaces may be arranged perpendicularly, to make the appearance more attractive.

If the kitchen’s tone is dark, that of the dining room should be lighter and vice versa. The same tone of color needs to be carried through in both the spaces to give the feel of sameness in the rooms. Unity in separation is the way to go here. Using the same color, the position of furniture, and arranging the layout is essential.

It is a good idea to use a color scheme comprising complementary colors for joining these two rooms. If the room is rectangular in space, it is essential to use a single wall to merge the rooms. You should use the same colors in both the kitchen and the dining room so that there is a feeling of oneness. The color tone of the rugs should match the tablecloths so that it gives a more cohesive feeling . The best idea is to create a link between the kitchen and the dining space.

  • Use Accessories To Decorate

Each space should have its characteristic features. So, you can use simple accessories to maintain their informal space. The presence of a hanging lamp over the dining table provides proper lighting for the dining space. It is better to sketch a few layout options before zeroing in on a design. It is also a good idea to place a rug below the dining room table. You can use a couch to divide the room, as well.

So, making the kitchen double up as a dining space saves a lot of trouble and preserves the warmth of the food.

Plant-based decoration, like using potted plants in the window sill, is essential. The best idea is to grow herbs. A pegboard sheet and a few hooks help us access the regularly used utensils. They are readily available in local hardware shops. Such categorization brings out more space. We may have food-related prints on the walls. The prints which speak volumes about the taste of the owner in terms of food are more relevant.

  • Be Organized

You can use a rack may for keeping jars of spices. They are known as spice racks. You can also use a combination of lemon and vinegar to get rid of the strong smell coming out of the fridge. 

A space below the sink is empty. You can use it to store stuff like kitchen rags. So, keeping most of the types of equipment behind closed doors creates more space for the benches and cozy nooks. 

You can use a few large pieces of furniture or rugs to determine the dining room to be separate from the dining room. An island between the kitchen and the living room may be set up to conveniently transfer utensils from one space to another.


You can use softer shades like white, green, and blue to optimize the effect of space. The brighter the shade of a room is, the more welcoming and more substantial it appears. The back walls should be more colorful than the front walls. If there is a TV in this room, it should be wireless to prevent the wiring from catching fire.

Rugs or carpets create a sense of space. Rugs also infuse color into space. A rug creates visual barriers and adds warmth. Mats are available in a variety of colors and sizes. So, it is effortless to find a suitable carpet. 

Although the same room is used as a dining room as well as a kitchen, the boundary between the areas should be clearly defined. 

As a result, the combination of the kitchen and the dining room is beneficial for modern nuclear families. Combining functionality with style is the way to go. Trends may go out of fashion, but style lingers.


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