10 Innovative Outdoor Light Solutions You Need for your Patio 

Travertine house – illuminated patio with garden

Are you planning to give your backyard or patio a makeover? Then you likely have imagined a design to upgrade one of the most beautiful spaces of any home. There are so many reasons why people spend time out in the patio and backyard. With one of these lighting designs, you can make it look attractive while impressing guests. 

When you spend more time out on your patio, keeping it updated and stylish at all times will make you feel good. Keeping it neat and clean with the required arrangements will also create extra room in your house. For some of the best ideas to spruce up the patio in your home, you can opt for some of the most beautiful lights available online. There are endless options available to add the wow-factor. 

Installing some pretty and innovative lights in your patio will add that extra element to make it shine. Lighting enhances the look of any space and makes it appear very attractive. Get great outdoor lighting ideas in our article, so that you can have the opportunity to add beauty and creativity to your patio or backyard. 

10 Innovative Outdoor Light Ideas

Let’s look at some of the innovative lights to make your patio appealing, functional, and enjoyable to the guests. 

Outdoor String Lights on the Fence and Wall​ 

To brighten up your patio, string​ lights are helpful. You can place them in several corners, and they will produce lights in your entire patio. Hang them on the wall or fence to create more light. You can also decorate the wall and fence with leaves and flowers. It will not only enhance the look of your fencing and walls, but your lights will look great at the same time. 

Directional Uplights and Downlights​ 

You can use directional lights either for​ uplighting or downlighting. A beam of light produced based on the capability and also illuminated focal points in the landscape. With such lights, you get a lot of creative opportunities in lighting designs for your landscape. Uplights are installed in the ground, and they shine up at the trees, and downlights are referred to as the security lights over a garage. 

LED and Solar Globe lights​ 

Globe string lights and Edison string lights are​ some commonly used lighting options by people to light up their patio. They are available as bistro or market lights. They increase the attractiveness of your patio and are conveniently installed. Add a relaxed and casual style to your favorite seating area. These lights will cheer your mood up.  

Outdoor Pathway Lights​ 

Garden pathways, driveways, and walkways are lighted​ with the help of simple and easy solutions such as pathway lights. These lights are mounted on posts, which are usually 15-20″ inches tall, and these lights generally produce light in an area 8-10″ inches wide close to the ground. Solar outdoor lights are also available that are very easy to install. They et charged up during the day from direct sunlight. 

Lighting for Steps and Railings​ 

If you have steps in your patio, have them well-lit​ to avoid accidents. Level lights are crucial to make the steps visible for safety reasons. You can install lights along the railing and steps in numerous ways. ASeveral different kinds are available to choose from. You can select steps lights such as ground lights, path lights, or hanging lights. 

Tiki Torch Outdoor Lighting​ 

Tiki torches are similar to path lights. They​ are also mounted on a post that you can install anywhere on the ground, and they can illuminate a large area around themselves. Available in varied shapes and forms, many of them look good when used to enlighten the patio. When added as a lighting decorative object in a party, they can add a fun vibe to it. Tiki torches with flickering flames are also available to add innovation to the traditional ones. 

In-ground Lighting for Outdoor​ 

In-ground lights are mounted in the paving of your​ patio. They are used to light up trees, building walls, structures, etc. Solar lights are straightforward to use. You can easily style the landscape with the help of in-ground lights. They are one of the favorite choices used in modern designs. 

Umbrella Lighting for Outdoors

You can use outdoor string lights, or small solar​ lanterns along the rim of an umbrella. This innovative way of lighting your patio will make it look attractive. It provides an excellent and effective way of deploying canopy lighting. 

Lanterns Used for Outdoor Lighting​ 

You can use outdoor lights in various​ creative and innovative ways to light your patio. It will not only provide an adequate amount of illumination but, at the same time, will decorate your patio. You can also use solar table candle lanterns, and some wall sconce LED lanterns are available as well. 

Vintage Charmers​ 

These strings are made from twinkling lights that are sure to​ add a unique feel to your patio space. They look attractive and add to the party environment. The vintage style lights will look great with exposed filaments. If you wrap them around an outdoor umbrella, it will add even extra style.  

There are numerous ways in which you can light up your entire patio or just a few parts of it. Solar lights are also available that are very easy to install and are cost-efficient. Solar light options get charged up during the day entirely, and they work adequately during the night. 

Know About the Best Outdoor Lights 

The best outdoor lights will give a unique touch and will transform your space into something very attractive. With some of the best lighting options, you can make a home stand out from the crowd at the party. 

With lights, you can spend more time outdoors during the holidays and weekends. You will not have to worry about the risk of tumbling into the borders of your patio in the dark. Lighten up your patio and let others see the effort that you have put to decorate this cute little space in your home. 

People prefer adding lights for varied reasons. Some want to add lighting to get extra visibility after sunset. Some want to add an extra tinge of decor. Either way, with any of these lights you will get everything that you want for your patio. 

Choose high-quality lights to provide sufficient glow, and decorative ones to make the space look attractive. Different styles are made to suit distinct needs, and you can select them based on what suits your patio best. 

A Tough Choice: Solar Outdoor Lights or Wired? 

While going through the innovative options available to light up the patio, you probably have realized you have two main options. Some lights are available with solar compatibility, while others work on electricity. A question creeps up in the mind of people regarding which lighting alternative will work best. Well, it depends on the user and which type of lighting they want for their personal space. 

However, we recommend that even if you have to pay an additional price, you should go for wired. Since buying once is better than changing your lights every year. You don’t want to go through the pain of replacing them very frequently. This is especially true for solar lights. Hence, we suggest investing in a better option. 

Several believe that solar lights for the backyard or garden are the best, but anything that you install in the exterior of your house is recommended to have wires. Lights are better off being wired. If you look at the laws, you will observe that you may find it challenging to sell your space even if you want to when you have the wrong kind of lighting. 

A minor consequence includes that it is possible someone may get electrocuted. No doubt buying wired lights is easy, but installing them is very difficult, and you will have to abide by the law when it comes to how they are installed.  

Lighting Options: 2020

The best light options to light up the backyard are the ones that are mounted on the walls. They are the best for smaller spaces with fairy lights or string lights down the path if your garden is extended over a vast place. You can keep them up all year-round, and they will work fine. Freestanding solar lanterns will also work fine, and you can also load them for your backyard.

Leave the solar lanterns on the table or hang them on the trees. There is so much to do with some of the best available alternatives.

Pitch your patio with spike lights, they are one of the classic choices to illuminate the space that you love the most. Highlight ponds or pathways easily with them and never experience darkness. Such options are usually solar-powered. Hence you need to install them at a place where they get sufficient sunlight during the day. During the day, they get fully charged up and work best during the night time.  

If you have a statue or a statement plant in the patio, then you can choose to install directional lights. They are one classic option to highlight the plant or statue for your guests to pay attention to it.  

You need to take care that the lights that you choose for installing outdoors should be weather resistant. Check whether they are waterproof. Also, firstly decide the place where you want to install the lights. Then you can look for lights that are capable of withstanding varied weather conditions. 

While choosing lights for your pond, ensure that they are produced using the right technology. They need a different level of waterproof properties to decorate your garden or backyard. Other options are not considered suitable for the ponds, and you will have to invest in them separately if looking to light up your swimming area. 

Create your private space with the best patio lights available that are sure to spice up your evenings or holidays. You will love the environment and can breathe an entirely different life into the outdoor spaces. Hang patio lights and watch the paradise, since the outdoor area will get transformed into your private space. Escape from the busyness of your daily life and spend some quality time in your patio curated by you.  

A vast range of string lights are available for outdoor spaces that seem overwhelming at the beginning when you see them. Hence, we advise that you should start to envision your space and imagine how it will look like. Think of the ways you would like to decorate it. List the things that you are planning to buy to decorate the patio.  

If you like to light up the patio by giving it a classic style that is also versatile, globe lights are the choice that you should go for. Moreover, if you are looking to provide it with a touch of a bistro or space that is perfect for partying, then vintage-styled bulbs installed on light strings, along with copper shades will fit your vision best. 

The Bottom Line  

Spend a Sunday evening in your dreamy outdoor patio. Stunning lighting used in the courtyard will enhance the look of your patio. Sparkling lights add a luxurious appeal to your space. You can infuse a lot of options available into the lights that you already have to add a new design. You can get the ultimate look for your patio that you have always desired.  

No one way is right or wrong to decorate your patio with lights. You will just have to go with your personal style and create your perfect little oasis. Add a sense of luxurious appeal with the help of sparkling twilights. 


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